Monday, December 28, 2015


Well this week was AWESOME!!!!!

Tuesday we had lessons with Cynthia and Edward, our two investigators who had a date. They are doing great. Then with the Jilapa Family! They are an awesome recent convert family with a daughter who is less active and living with her boyfriend, who we are trying to get married. Then we just did some zone stuff and ya it was good.

Wednesday we didn't have a lot of lessons, we did find two new investigators who we committed to baptism so that was awesome! Then at night we went out with the JAS, or the young single adults, and went Christmas Caroling to all of our less actives and investigators!! It was soooooo fun!!!! Elder Mann and I were just killing it singing, and we actually went to a less actives house, we made her cry, and are now teaching her, her name is Alejandra, and she came to church this week! #WeSingLikeAngels

Thursday was another solid day. We had a lesson with Edward and with Familia Jilapa again, and we just talked about Christmas a lot with them! haha duh! Then we got invited to dinner from the Relief Society President. She is the best person in the world. There was so much love in her house and it felt really good to be there. Plus she got us cinnamon rolls because I told her that's a tradition we have. She is the best!!!!!

Then CHRISTMAS!! We went and got the font all ready. When we went it was gross there, was like three week old water in there.... So we drained it then cleaned it out. Following that we went and celebrated Christmas with Familia Jilapa. Another great day!! Then went to lunch to a members house who gave us stuffed turkey! Really good then we went to the baptism!! It was the best!!! Things went really well and there was a lot of people there. And well,it was a really awesome Christmas Miracle!!!! Following that we went and talked to the family!! Que TRUNKY!!! and then had a gift exchange with our pension and her family. Attached below is a picture of the gift I gave to one of her daughters. It's a huge poster of a selfie of Elder Mann and me!! Maybe the greatest gift I've ever given!!

Saturday was just a normal day where we had to do so much planning. But that was ok, we had a lesson with Alejandra and it was really cool!

Then Sunday was another good normal day. We had a lesson with Milagros and invited her to the 23rd of January and she accepted!! So that is super exciting!! Then we went to Hno Robertos house, now this guy was the old Branch President, Bishop and Stake President, so he knows everyone and their dog! So we took him the ward directory and went over all the names. He gave us like 20 families to visit. So this week should be awesome!!!!

Well I love you all and hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy new year!! The mission is the best!!! I miss and love you!! 

Love, Elder Ludlow

You gotta love the selfie poster her gave his pension's daughter!  Only Zach . . . .

Here are some pictures from Christmas morning 

Here is the video of the daughter opening her "gift" from Zach

Monday, December 21, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like a White Christmas!!!!

Hey family and friends just want to start off by wishing you all a very, very, very happy Christmas!!!!!! 

So Monday we spent all day saying goodbye to people because my comp had a change.

Tuesday we sent him off along with other missionaries and it was super cool, I was with a mini missionary, or a part time missionary and we had some lessons, but it was a super busy day sending missionaries off and receiving them so that was great!! haha

Then Wednesday I traveled to Cusco for Consilio, a meeting with all leaders. It was an ok drive,  when I got there I waited in the office forever until Elder Mann came, then we went to his old sector!

Thursday was Consilio, and it was super awesome!!! We learned a lot and we talked a little about christmas. Jesus is the Christ!! He loves us and died for us! Then at night we had to travel back to Puno because we had our Christmas dinner with the zones on Friday and wouldn't have gotten back in time. We also went out to pizza with my old pension! I was so happy to see them, and them to see me! :)

Friday we got to Puno at 5 in the morning, and from there we were busy all day. My comp had to unpack, we had to go get stuff ready for the dinner. Let's just say it was a super stressful day!! We got there 1 hour before to make sure everything was good and they took out ALL of the tables in that chapel. So we had to run to our chapel get all the tables and come back. The best part was there was only room for one person to sit in a seat in the taxi, so I laid in a tiny space on the tables in the back of the taxi, squished between the tables and the roof of the car. It was interesting.. .haha then at night we had to try and find rooming for elders and that was a pain because there wasn't a lot of mattresses.... it was like looking for an inn :)

Saturday was a little better, we had a lot of planning to do, and had to go clean up a little better. Then that night we finally could work and had lessons with Edward, and Euclides which was awesome and they are progressing great!

Sunday we had a normal day, we gave talks in sacrament meeting about Christmas and that was fun. Then after we had baptismal interviews for Edward and Cynthia, well they kept telling us "wait, I'm coming," or "in an hour I will be there." The interviews were scheduled for 12 and 1 and we finally did them at 3:30 and 4:30,  haha oh well they both passed and I am happy cause they both are going to be baptized on Christmas!!! :) Then there was a ward activity and they told us 5 hours before that we had to do a special number... so Elder Mann and I, being two men just so musically talented, whipped out a sweet special number,  It will be in my dropbox if it loads in time! and then we also did a little skit with our elders quorum... if there is time that as well will be there!!

Well there is my crazy week!! Hope yours was great and that this is the best Christmas ever!!!! 

Love Elder Ludlow

Here's me and my comp, and me taking a selfie with like the entire ward! I'm cool I know :) Love you!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Changes . . .

Well today are changes... it's sad to say, but Elder Johanson has a change. I'm super sad about it, but my new comp is Elder Mann another greengo!!!!!! He is a super sweet missionary and I am excited!! I think I'm racist because I just have way to many greengo companions! haha

Tuesday I was with Elder Powell, a district leader in my zone. He is a great guy! We had an awesome day of work, and really just a stud!! 

Then wednesday I was in our sector but with Elder CastaƱeda, and my comp was in Llave... we had a decent day with a couple of lessons... and also went to the town square to sing. It was sweet cause Elder Powell brought his guitar and played with us. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of people to contact! :)

Thursday was solid. Cynthia and Edward are both progressing very well!!! its sweet!!! They are both looking like white Christmas. Then we had some other lessons. 

Both Thursday and Wednesday the start of the day was spent traveling 2 hours, to go to and get back from Llave... fun!!!!

Friday wasn't so great.. failed appts. and all that and a whole lot of stuff to do with the zone... but we did have another lesson with Cynthia and she accepted the word of wisdom very well! Then right after that at 6 we had to travel Yunguyo to do baptismal interviews, it was a 2 1/2 half hour trip watching this young couple just flirt it up on the bus, yes me and my comp made fun, and then we did baptismal interviews that night!!!

Saturday we wake up help set up the interviews then had to get back to Puno cause our zone had to practice a special number our stake President asked us to do. Well we get to Puno to go open up the church, and realize we left our keys in Yunguyo! Two hours away!!!! ya it was rough... then that day we also had to do another baptismal interview

Sunday was a kind of normal Sunday. Cynthia, Milagros, and Edward all came to church. Then we taught Cynthia the law of chastity, she also accepted it. Then we had a lesson with Milagros, then a stake christmas devotional, the most irreverent devotional I have ever been in. But our special number was sweet. We sang O holy Night, mixed with Silent night, and it was awesome!!

Well that was the week for ya! I got a new bag made for me.. here's a picture!! Love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Ludlow!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Trial of Our Faith

Well this week really was hard. We had lots of failed appts and lots of zone stuff to do. 

Tuesday I did divisions with another district leader. It was sweet but we walked around a lot!!  

Wednesday, almost all of our appts failed us, and then we had to go buy stuff for our zone and get stuff ready for them!! 

Thursday was more normal, although we had some failed appts. We had a lesson with Cynthia our investigator with a  date for the 25th, and with some other less active and investigators. I started to get super sick. We had to run from our church, the bottom of a mountain, to an appointment, top of the mountain, in the cold rain at night. Oh I love the mission!!! haha

Friday lots of zone stuff, again, with a couple of lessons, with Cynthia again, she is progressing well!! Then with edward our inv. with a date for the 19th.

Saturday we had zero lessons!!! and then we went as a zone and caroled and contacted in the town square, we are going to do this every Wednesday and Saturday until Christmas!! cool!! Then we had to help some elders with a ward activity!!

Sunday was a super good day. We had a lesson with Cynthia, with an inv yonni, pronounced Jonny, and then we went and did an activity with a ward in our stake where we split up and looked for every member in the ward directory. It was awesome!  I went with the first counselor in the bishopric and we were knocking doors contacting like maniacs! It was awesome! Then to top if off we had the Christmas devotional!! I loved what Elder Clayton said it went something like this (I'm just translating so it might not be exact) "Thanks to the birth of Christ, there's hope and so much more" It's so true!!!

Well sorry there wasn't much this week I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for tomorrow we work!

Well Monday was awesome. Right after writing the family we decided to go to this store that has all american candy and stuff... And to our delight there was mountain dew there!! You know we bought a twelve pack!! And so that was great! Then we had to set up and plan our zone meeting we were up til 12:30...

Then Tuesday we had a zone meeting. To finish getting ready for zone meeting we had to get up at 5... it was crazy!! But what we did was the "Iron Rod" activity, all through our church. It was sweet!! Then we had lessons with investigators and other zone stuff to do.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Milagros an investigator who accepted a date for the 25th! It's going to be so awesome!! Then we had a couple other lessons with some other people who are kinda progressing. We also had more zone problems we had to take care of.

Thursday we had a couple lessons and got some new investigators all from referrals from Grover, and his sister. The reference from his sister now has a date for the 25th of December as well!! We had a lesson with Federico and Magly and things aren't looking good for their wedding. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!! haha When we were eating lunch my comp was sitting on a bench, and the pension on the other side.  The pension got up to help her husband carry something and my comp turns to help and the bench tips and he falls and spills juice in his lunch and it was so darn funny!!! haha He almost tipped the table over even!! Oh man we were dying laughing!

Friday I did divisions with Elder Polad, one of the district leaders in our zone, and it actually is AJ's son!! So it was awesome! We had a couple of lessons, mission coordination, ward council and a ward activity so it was sweet! Then he showed me some pictures of AJ! That was trunky....

Saturday we had a couple of lessons with investigators as well. and we have another inv with a date for the 25th. We have been inviting everyone to baptism, and lots with date for the 25th, its gonna be a white christmas!!! We also contacted some people and contacted this kinda crazy, but super nice lady!

Sunday just a normal Sunday, but I had to take an elder to Chanu Chanu to pick up his new companion, there were changes within the change, and well it was sweet because I got to see a lot of the old members from Chanu Chanu, I also saw Belinda, and her family. They were my rescue there and so it made me so happy to see that they were active!! I went to chanu chanu with him and my comp stayed with a member cause we had lessons for 3 straight hours after the church!! It was awesome and the best part was we reached our goal of having 20 lessons with investigators this week!! We are working super hard!!

The work here is awesome!! I love it! Elder Johanson and I teach so great together!! We are seeing lots of success! We have 6 inv. with a date right now, and plan to have a couple more this week!!! So it's gonna be great!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!! I can't believe tomorrow is December..... It's crazy!!


ELder Ludlow

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cookies and Cleft Palates'

So here is another rundown of another great week!! I'm doing great and so don't worry mom!!

Tuesday we had actually a lot of lessons and it was so awesome!! Even though a lot of them failed us we were able to find a lot of the people who we need to progress so that was awesome!! We also got a new investigator who is seems pretty interested!! We also had a lesson with an investigator who saw me playing piano and wants to learn, so we said i can teach her every time we teach her the lessons, cause we teach her in the church!! She was totally pumped! So hopefully I can be like Janet!! haha

Wednesday We had a service, kinda like the oneSight service i did in Cusco but for a organization called Operation Sunrise, or Operation Smile. We thought we would be translating but they all spoke Spanish so we did other types of service,  we were there a lot of the day and then we were doing zone stuff for the rest... haha

Thursday we had the service again, a lesson with Edgar who sadly is just not progressing.. we aren't sure what to do with him, but we are thinking of leaving him. Then we had some lessons with Yonni, our inv with a date for the 12th, and it was a solid lesson, but kinda short cause he didn't have time, hes got a bad drinking problem as well, so sad. we also had other lessons with people, then a meeting with the stake president #ZoneLeaderBusiness it stunk, he's an interesting man... haha

Friday Was great, we had stuff to do from 6:30 in the morning to 9 at night!! Full of stuff we had to do for the zone, lessons, which is awesome, then more lessons and well ya it was a busy busy busy day! But busy days are the best!! Magly and Federico, the less active and Inv, who we are getting married are super excited about their marriage still! So that's awesome! We also got a new inv from an inv that we have, its his cousin! She is so cool and is super interested and is helping our investigator be more interested so ya that's awesome!

Saturday was awesome, more service, more zone stuff and a couple lessons. We found a lady we had contacted in the street, and we truly believe she was prepared! She has family who are Mormon and in the first lesson we committed her to be baptized! #PMGmission=BaptizinMisson #TheDistrictJokes oh ya my comp also lost his bag so we spent some time looking for it, we found it! :)

Sunday was just a  normal busy Sunday WE were all over the place We had another lesson with our inv and his cousin, Edward and Lucero, they are progressing very well! They both came to church and they both now have date for the 19th of December!! SWEETTTT!! haha then they had a multi stake fireside for returned missionaries, and the Stake President asked our zone to do a special number, We sang Oh My Father, the hymn, but to the music of Come Thou Fount, I played the piano and my zone sang, we practiced for about 30 min, we sounded like the MO tab!! haha Then we had a lesson with a less active, RM, Omar. He is gonna come back we are sure of it!! 

Well That's about it!! Another great part of the week is we put up Christmas light in our room, and well here's a picture, we don't even use our light anymore, just the Christmas light!! I love Christmas!! haha and don't say it's not even thanksgiving yet, cause they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here!! Good ole Peru!! haah Well i love you all and am so thankful for all the support! Have a great  Thanksgiving!! 


Elder Ludlow

Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh My HILLS!!!

Well this week was awesome! 

On Tuesday we had a couple lessons, one with this crazy investigator named Fanny. My comp told me we aren't sure how she will progress cause she's kinda crazy, ya she was. Really nice, just crazy haha! Then we had a lesson with a kid named Edgar, he had a date and passed his interview, but his parents talked him out of being baptized, even though he's like 20. So we had a sweet lesson with him, but he's still scared about something. Then we had some lessons with some recent converts. 

Wednesday we decided we needed to run every morning, so now every morning we are running to Edgar's house and reading the BofM with him. The crappy thing is he lives on the top of a hill!! haha but hopefully I will get less fat. Then we had some lessons with some other people and had one with an inv. named Jonny. We taught the Restoration and taught it so well!! It was awesome! He has a date for the 13th of December! Then we had some other lessons. 

Thursday in weekly planning I had the greatest idea! So we have this less active who lives with her boyfriend, who is an inv. who knows the church is true. My comp has been trying to get them to get married forever!! Well, I thought  we could use a Christmas miracle!!!! So we went to their house that night and shared our idea that they should get married and then her boyfriend, Federico, could get baptized on Christmas!! So she was a little hesitant but accepted! So now we are in the proccess of helping them!! Then we also got 3 references from a recent convert Grover! Grover is a golden reference machine!! 2 of the 3 references he had given before these three, have been baptized and the other one we are working with! They all seem like they could progress!!

Friday we had to go do some stuff for the zone. Saturday we had a zone meeting, and we had to go buy stuff to make lunch for the zone for this conference. It took a lot of time but we still had a couple of lessons

Saturday we had our zone conference and interviews with President Harbertson. It was all good, but our zone is huge so it lasted a long time. Then after we had to clean the chapel up. But luckily a recent convert came to the chapel, so we taught her with Sister Harbertson! That was awesome!!!

Sunday We had stake conference, a new investigator that we commited to baptism in the first lesson, and some other powerful lessons! We had a lesson with Jonny and we talked about the Book of Mormon, well we taught with such power it was so awesome!!!!!! It was sweet!! Then we did the same with a recent convert.

Well this week was awesome!! I love life and I love Puno!! It has rained everyday this week so that's kinda lame, but its awesome!! Really we are putting in work and Elder Johanson has helped me a lot to be better!!

Here's a pic of me in our bathroom, I'm taller than our shower head....  #tallpeopleproblem!!

Love you all have a great week!!

Elder Ludlow

Monday, November 9, 2015


Well this week was an interesting week, I'll show you why.

So Monday I got my change right? Well I couldn't even pack my bags that day because we had to go help our bishop with a baptism. So that was kinda lame, then I cut my hair and we had a district meeting and, yup that was good.

Tuesday I went and said bye to a lot of people, and it was really sad, one of the saddest moments was when Gustavo started to cry. Me and him are patas you could say and well he is the greatest guy! Then I also said goodbye to other people and packed the bags, from 8:00 in the morning we were busy.  Also we had an appt with this new investigator who knows a lot. He was talking to us about a lot of stuff but the funniest thing was he asked us if we knew why we left two by two.  We shared a scripture why and then he said:

"Oh that makes sense, but also do you know where the word testify comes from? It comes from the word testicules. How many testicules do men have? 2 right? Back in the old times before there were bibles, when people would go to court they would grab there testicules with their left hand, put their right hand over their heart and testify!" 

Hahah it was one of the funniest things I've heard!! Good ole crazy people.  Then Tuesday Elder Barry's new companion got here so I went to another sector with another elder who didn't have a comp.

Wednesday we had a training for zone leaders ,so we were at the training, then that night some members invited us to eat. They made kabobs I ate 12! It was great.

Thursday my comp, Elder Johanson, came to Cusco.  Every month there is a meeting called consilio, or like a council of leadership in the mission, so my comp had to come for that. Meanwhile I did a service then picked him up, we went out to Mcdonalds! First big mac in over a year, it was great!

Friday we had that meeting and it was awesome, we usually are in suits but for this one we were in p-day clothes because we did an activity outside it was super cool! I learned a lot and hope to be better! Friday night we went to Chilis!

Saturday we traveled back to Puno and we also had a baptism, so right when we got there we had to go get stuff set up for the baptism. You know it's great when you get to a sector and the day you get there you have a baptism! Awesome!

Sunday was just a normal Sunday, well actually it was the primary program, it was really cool. Not as well prepared as the one in Cusco but it was good, then we had appts with a lot of inv! We have an inv. with a date who has a drinking problem his name is Euclides, he is super cool and we are gonna get him to stop drinking so he can be baptized!

The work in this sector is awesome! There are a lot of people! Elder Johanson is a great companion and we get along awesome! I'm super excited to be back here in my pueblo! Today we are actually going to have lunch with a member from Chanu Chanu so that's awesome! Well some funny things for this week, my bags still aren't even fully unpacked, we have just been so jam packed with things, but today I will get to them!! 

Everything is going great.  This new sector is like all hills, so I'm gonna die!!! Hahah. Nah, hopefully that helps me to not be so fat!!!

Well thanks for all your support! I love you! The church is true!! Have a great week!

Back in Puno with his new comp, Elder Johanson

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Puno Curse

Haha, well here's the rundown..

Tuesday we didn't have a lot of lessons but just one with our less active Janet, she's super awesome and so is her sister Ailang, an active member.  But other than that we had a lot of failed appts and nothing...

Wednesday was solid. We had appts with Gustavo, Juana, and then with a new reference from a member. The reference is super awesome and she is married as well!! The only thing is she lives right next to our limits so we don't know what will happen, hopefully she lives in our area!

Thursday was long and sad, we walked a lot and no one answered at all, everyone failed us and well it was just all sad.

Friday was good, we did divisions with the zone leaders, I was with Elder Day and we put in work! We had lessons with Gustavo and with a new less active named Alfredo who is super cool!!! He is such a great guy! He speaks English, has a sister that goes to BYU and really is just a great guy!! Then we knocked some doors, found some cool new people, had a lesson with our inv. Frida, and then with another family. We ended the day with misison coordination. It was a really good day!!!

Saturday, well Halloween definitely is different here. Not nearly as big, but oh well! We had no lessons, but Ailang invited us to eat and we had some chicken, go figure. Then we had a family night in our pensions house and we were using some Halloween costumes. . .vampire teeth that my mom sent me, and it was good fun.

Then Sunday I got a shoutout from the Bishop in Elders quorum because he kinda knew I would have a transfer. Then we had some lessons, I said bye to some friends and then we walked a little looking for people, no one was home. We ended with a family night in our ward mission leader's house, and ya... it's kinda sad.

Well the scripture of the week is alma 5:16. 

Well everyone has told me since I started my mission in Puno that I was cursed. I never actually believed them until today. The curse is that if you start in Puno you will always return!! Well I'm going back haha..... I'm going to BellaVista barrio Tupac Yupanqui.. it's the other stake in Puno. And I'm really sad.. I don't wanna leave my son!! I'm going to be companions with Elder Johanason a greengo, who supposedly plays soccer very well so now is my chance!! haha I met him when I was in Puno six months ago, he's been in the same sector a looooooong time!!

Love you all and well have a great week!!!

Elder Ludlow

I guess switching name tags was all a part of their "costumes.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fasting is Real!

Well last Saturday we had a mission fast, where all of the missionaries fasted for the same cause, one of those causes was that we would be able to find more investigators, well here is the rundown.

Monday, after p-day we had a district meeting, and then a family night with our pension The Abarca Family, and then they took us and the sister missionaries out to lunch. 

Tuesday we had a couple of lessons with less actives and recent converts, then as we were coming home I had the impression to pass by some old investigators house. We kinda left them because we could never find them. The lights were off and everything but we knocked and they answered and we found them!! The best part was the little girl, Milagros 9 years old, saw us walking as they drove by us like 2 minutes before, and said to her family, the Elders are coming to visit us!! #FollowTheSpirit

 Wednesday was ok, we had a lot of appts fail us and we were walking around a lot, but we called this couple, a reference from a member from another ward. We had actually given a blessing to the wife of the couple probably a month ago when she was pregnant. They were like "Can you guys come tonight?" CLARO!!!! So we went two more times and they are really awesome. Their problem is they aren't married, very common thing here in Peru. Then at night I burned a shirt for completeing the year mark! :) pictures included. 

Thursday was long and tiring and just a lot of nothing. We walked around all day long and all of our appts failed, but we ended up having an emergency ward council. 

 Friday wasn't the best day either, we had a couple of lessons, with a family night, we taught Gustavo hijo. The guy is awesome!! I really am going to miss him!! He is such a great guy, one of the best converts I will have, I believe. 

Saturday we had a multistake service. We started at some point walked down the road and picked up just trash in the street. There was a lot and I got fried! #alwaysforgettoputonsunblock
After that we had a lesson with a member, who we told to invite her friend, who is an investigator. He came and we had an awesome lesson about the restoration. Her sister is also a less active, we are working with her and it was a sweet lesson! Then late that night at 8:30 we had another lesson with news. We show up and they own a little store, and there is this drunk guy, we go say hi to the wife and she tells us to wait a sec cause her husband is still on the way home. So this drunk guy calls us over and just starts talking and talking and talking to us. Great guy, says he wants to change his life and that he doesn't want to be a drunk, we walked him home then made an appt with him, we will see how he feels when he's not drunk! haha Then we had another appt with two new investigators, Fiorela and Bruce Lee! Yes I have an investigator named Bruce Lee!! They are awesome and the best part, is they are married!! Well, so we think, we forgot to ask, but they wear rings, so that's good!!

Then Sunday we had a regional conference. The first thirty minutes the stake president talked the last hour and a half was broadcast from salt lake, where we heard talks from 70s and from Elder Anderson, he spoke Spanish!! It was sweet! Well then we had a lesson with crazy old Juana but it was awesome, the spirit was so strong and my testimony that God and Jesus live was reconfirmed! I felt so good, and I testify to you guys that they live and love each and everyone of us! We had a couple more lessons that day. 

Well Thanks for all your support, it's crazy that I'm on the downhill... everyone says it goes faster which scares me cause I don't understand how.... but we will see. I love you all! The church is true!!! 

My scripture this week was Ether 12:27. Something I really learned is that there is no limit of people in God's kingdom, so imagine if we all humbled ourselves and everyone was there, talk about a huge party!! haha love you all!! 

Ok the last picture is a sign we saw here that we thought was kinda silly it reads "Here WE ARE CATHOLICS  We love Jesus´ Mother and we don't accept other religions because many false prophets walk in the world, Thanks for respecting our faith.  Haha oh Catholics! We are thinking we might knock on that door this week!! 

Have a great week everyone!!


ELder Ludlow

Woo Hoo! Buring of a shirt for his one-year mark!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tim Howard . . .

Well probably the best story of the week happened today. This morning we went and played soccer and we usually rotate being goalies. So it was my turn and I was just magically good! I don't know how but it was awesome!! haha I was just tearing it up and just stayed as goalie for the rest of the time. Everyone wanted to score on me and there was this fat member playing with us and we were just taunting and he's like "I will score on you!" You know he didn't score on me. I was pretty much Tim Howard or something! haha I had a sweet diving stop that should have been a sure goal, and then the fat guy and I were alone, he was on a side and kicked it and just drills me in the stomach but didn't score! haha It was tight!!

Well this week nothing really good happened. We just had a lot of failed appointments. So I won't go day by day cause it was just walking everyday. We had the primary program this week and it was good!! I think i played well and it was awesome!! I love the primary program!! 

On Tuesday we had a multi zone conference which was really awesome! We were there with a lot of missionaries and well everything was just great! I learned a lot and it pumped me up!
The good thing is we had a lot of appts. with new inv but they all failed so we will find them this week so this week will be good! 

Well I pondered Moroni 7:48 this week! It is an awesome scripture, and we need to pray with the energy of our heart! Always pray, and the Lord with bless us!! 

I love you all have a great week!!! The church is true and God loves each of you! :)

Check out Zach's mile-high hair!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Double Dragon . . .

Well this week was very interesting.
So it was just going to be a normal week right, we were gonna work our butts off and just do so much work, then our plans kinda got changed. 
I get a text monday night that we had to be in the mission office Tuesday to go help with a service.
Tuesday morning we go to the mission office and they tell us that a group of doctors is here from the United States and we will be translating for them. So we get there and see that they are all eye doctors, and really it's a super cool thing. The group is called OneSight and what they are doing is giving out free eye exams, and glasses to all the people that come. They are here for two weeks. We were there all Tuesday morning translating. We were doing refracting, where they use the machine to see what glasses you need, so that was cool. Luckily we just went in the morning then in the afternoon we had a couple appts.
Wednesday, we had to go back to the thing but this time in the afternoon which kinda stunk because people are in their houses in the afternoon. Well today in the translating thing we had to help people use this machine where you look into it, and when you are looking in you see like a red house, and then the workers would scan their eyes with a really fancy machine. What we had to do was help people put their head right up against it, the bad part was some people just wouldn't do it so we were shoving there heads right up against it! haha
Thursday (because we had to go in the afternoon to translate again), went to a less active's house in the morning, had one of the best lessons ever!!! This less active, Henry, the RM who we helped last week, is the coolest guy ever!!! He totally is going to come back and it was just an awesome lesson. He started to cry just saying how hard it is to be far from the church when he knows it's so true, but he will come back. Then we went to help translate for the doctors.  This day I got to help people choose sunglasses that they liked, everyone who came got a free pair of sunglasses, and I had to go help with distributing. Everyone that needed them got glasses made and the following day could come pick them up, so i was down there helping give out and translating for people, also taking pictures with all of them and their new glasses!! Look up the OneSight blog, I could be on there! haha the blogger of the group and I are way tight!! 
Friday same thing we just had to help with the translating, and we did the same thing we did the first day.
Saturday we had a couple of appts then went and helped with the "activity" to go clean the church.  It was us plus two other members. We had to clean the boys bathroom...let's just say it was gross. Poo stuck to the ground, all over the toilet, and I didn't even have gloves, but we got it nice and clean! Mom you would be proud!! Then we had a family night with our pension. Well that night we go to bed and I just couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning and just could not sleep. Then i just felt it...(for those of you who are weak, don't read the following part) (SERIOUSLY) so I ran down to the bathroom, almost passing out on my way down there, and just let it go, it was awful. I was sweating, and just wanted water, so i yelled up to elder Barry, but he was asleep. Luckily our pension wasn't so she gets him, and her daughter and they are all just worried about me and telling me to make myself throw up.  I look in the mirror pale as a ghost. Then round two comes... It leaked out of me like something that leaks really bad. haha! Then my pension makes me some stuff that will "make me feel better" so she gives it to me, along with a bucket, so I drink it and it was the grossest thing ever, and it makes me throw up.  So as I am diarrheaing, I am also throwing up! Yeah, that was great. At one point It sounded as if i was just peeing, but it was just draining out of me and I felt gross. I'll spare more details for when I get home ;)
Sunday I woke up and felt better, not 100% but better, so we go to church, and during Sunday school I found out I am the new primary pianist! haha have to play for their primary program, that will be interesting! Other than that just a normal day!!
Well because of this last conference I decided I would share with you the scriptures I am ponderizing for the week. This week was 2 Nephi 33:10.
Something i really love about 
this scripture is it says if you believe in Christ, you will believe in the Book Of Mormon. Truly it is applicable to everyone!! Thanks for all your love and support! The Book of Mormon is true, Christ Lives!! I love you all!!!
Elder Ludlow!