Monday, February 29, 2016

Potatoes . . . .

Okay so this week was sweet! Lots of it is explained in the recording!

So Tuesday we had an awesome experience. The bishop called us to go give a blessing with him, and we went and the bishop testified of the priesthood and the power of priesthood blessing, and then I thought of all the blessing I have received, and wow the priesthood is real!!

Wednesday, we cut and peeled potatoes... fun!  We taught Euclides, he isn't doing well, he went on vacation for a little and didn't read or pray so we are trying to get him to do that again.

Thursday was a long multi zone conference but it was so awesome!!!! 

Friday we had a zone meeting, not as long, but still really good. We also taught Danny Elvis, our investigator with a date. He is doing well!

Saturday! Well we taught Raymundo the old less-active he's just so adorable! Then we taught a less- active, who actually lives in Huancayo!!! Elder Moss you better activate him ;) haha, but none of his family are members so we are going to teach them this coming week!!

Sunday was awesome! EFY is such an inspired program! It helped so many of the youth be stronger! It was great!! We were able to teach some lessons. Well really this week was okay, but the coming week is going to be great because our agendas are already full!! That's the best!!! Well I love you all so much!! 

Sorry this is short, I just spoke a lot in the recording today!! I hope you all have a great day and week!! Happy Leap Year!!!!Runner

Here is Zach with his entire mission.  He is on the third row back on the right side.  He's holding up one finger and standing next to his old comp that could have been his twin.

It's kind of blury, but he's holding his pension's new puppy that blends in with his sweater!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Elder Holland!

Well this week was awesome! It was so cool.

Tuesday was awesome, we had tons of lessons and tons of new investigators, 8 in one day!! It was a huge miracle!!!

Wednesday we taught Danny Elvis, and he's doing well, he really wants to get baptized but the thing is every weekend he goes to Sicauni, and said his parents won't let him attend church there. So we are seeing how to help him understand the importance of going to church. We also taught a new less active member who was just like ya, I need to go to church, and she took it to heart and came to church with her husband! It was awesome!

Thursday we traveled to Cusco, and ate subway! Delicious!

Friday we had concilio and that was awesome! I love president Harbertson!!

Saturday we had the mission wide conference with Elder Holland! Talk about incredible!! We got to shake his hand, and he said he did that so he could have a mini personal interview with us, and that through just looking into our eyes he could tell if we were okay or not. Talk about having the spirit! He also talked about how much his mission meant to him, and well really he said it was the biggest thing in his life, and for the past 50 years since he's been home, maybe there has been one day where he hasn't thought of his mission... Incredible!! 

Sunday was just normal we taught some lessons, had some people come to church, and well just a normal day!!!

Okay well I love you guys so much! Elder Holland is truly an apostle. Christ lives, I know it! One thing that Elder Holland said is that on his mission he found Christ, I hope I can continue to do that, and help others do that as well!! Thanks for all of your support!!

P.S. I love star wars as you can see in the pictures!! Yes those are lightsabers!! The real question is, will Puno Choose the Right?? haha love you all!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

 Zach asked me to send him lightsabers in his last package. . . .looks like he got them!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!Heavy black heartBlue heartGreen heartYellow heartPurple heartSmirking face ( I swear I'm not trunky!)

Happy Presidents day!!!󾓦󾓦󾓦

Well another eventful week! We were super busy with zone business all week. And well it was still a solid week! We had to help sisters move and paint their new room and that was a 3 day process! Im so happy its over!!

Ya, so Tuesday we were doing all zone stuff, then helped the owner of the new sister's house move stuff so the sisters could move in. This guy is the human version of Hercules´ trainer on the disney version, the little pig man dude, it was the best!! He is a great guy though!

Wednesday I was with Elder Stringham, he's a new missionary and he's really funny! The lessons were awesome with him, even though his spanish isn't the greatest he totally did an awesome job!! It was a good day!

Thursday we taught Rosa, a less active lady, we talked about repentance and she totally understood and was super pumped about being able to repent! It was a great lesson! We also taught Grover and all his friends. I'm telling you Grover is going straight to the celestial kingdom. Oh ya we were also walking in the street and we found these awesome hats! (They are from the candelaria) And we saw it on the ground and fought to grab it cause we thought it was just one and we both wanted a souvenir from the candelaria. Then we realize that there were two and we were so content!

Friday we had our activity which was great, but super gross at the same time cause I was covered in pig fat... good old Peruvian whipped cream!! haha but it was great!

Saturday we had lessons with Edward and Miguel. They are doing good and they were solid short lessons.

Then Sunday we walked around more than I have in a long time, but we were able to find some new investigators, just the amount we needed to meet our goal, and it was really great!!

The Lord loves us and really blesses us!! I love you and hope you all have a great week!! Miss you like crazy but hey don't worry time flies!! haha The church is true!!! 

Elder Ludlow

Gotta love the hats!

Zach and Elder Mann covered in "Peruvian" whipped cream (or pig fat as Zach called it).

Monday, February 8, 2016

Like Mother like Son?

This week was a solid week!!! Our ward went to the temple, in Bolivia, that's the closest one its about 16 hours away, we are blessed those that live in Utah!!

Tuesday we taught familia Jilapa and it was great!! There were no distractions, and the spirit was actually there, and then their dad walks in, drunk, and starts telling us how he wants to change, so we made an appt. with him for Saturday.

Wednesday we taught Edward our recent convert, he's not doing great, and we are trying to help him. He hasn't attended for a while now, so that's scary then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader.

Thursday we just really didn't have anything, just the lesson with Aurelio which was still pretty good.

Friday I was on divisions and we had some great experiences!! We had lessons every hour of the day! Taught some less actives some new investigators and then had dinner with a family that lived in Holladay for 8 years! They are hilarious!

Saturday we taught Aurelio again. He really is progressing and will get baptized the 27th of this month!! We also taught Ceberino, Grover's friend, he could progress as well, but was going on vacation for 2 weeks, so we will hope everything goes well and when he comes back he will still be full pilas!

Sunday was just the best testimony meeting I have been to. It was so spiritual and really was great and it really was awesome! Then we did family history with Cynthia, and taught her brother at the same time! #DoubleTasking haha 

This week I found out I'm pretty much an almost professional chef. We made a delicious shake on Monday, and then lemon chicken pasta on Wednesday and it was great, my pension wants us to make it for her this week! So that will be great!! Here's some pictures! Love you all!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Drinking the hot fudge peanut butter shake he made

Here are Zach and his comp with the lemon chicken pasta he made.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Fasting works! Rioting not so much....‏

Happy Groundhogs Day!!!Hamster face

Haha, well this week was awesome!!! Most of the great stuff is explained in my recording but just a little explanation of the title. We fasted with Euclides, an investigator who has drinking problems, and after he totally changed. He noticed the difference it made as he fasted! What a great experience!! So also this week people were rioting because some guy put up an antenna in house, and well the people didn't like that so they got together and broke his windows, burned his house... things like that! It was great!! We watched some of it! :) haha

Tuesday we had some lessons with Miguel, a less active, who really really could progress!! He just needs to come to church, but honestly we think we are getting there. 

Wednesday we taught Cynthia`s brother Gonzalo. He is super cool and we really need to get him baptized because he is a great guy! He's got great questions and just a real desire to do what is right! 

Thursday we watched the riot, taught English to a less active member and watched Erickson open his mission call!! It was like watching a good friend open his mission call!! I am super excited for him!! He's going to Mexico!! So cool!

Friday we had a family night with Familia Jilapa, they are great people but sometimes it's hard to feel the spirit there. So we really tried to help them, we watched a video and well, it was still kinda rough. They are just so easily distracted and there are always so many distractions at their house. We will keep working with them!

Saturday we found some new investigators, taught them and had a meeting with the stake president it was a good day!

Then Sunday was just normal. We put a date with Aurelio and it was great!!!

Here are some great pics and well, I finally made it to Machu Picchu!!! :) 

Love, Elder Ludlow

Don't even ask . . . .

Zach being his goody self pretending he's at Machu Picchu