Monday, October 12, 2015

Double Dragon . . .

Well this week was very interesting.
So it was just going to be a normal week right, we were gonna work our butts off and just do so much work, then our plans kinda got changed. 
I get a text monday night that we had to be in the mission office Tuesday to go help with a service.
Tuesday morning we go to the mission office and they tell us that a group of doctors is here from the United States and we will be translating for them. So we get there and see that they are all eye doctors, and really it's a super cool thing. The group is called OneSight and what they are doing is giving out free eye exams, and glasses to all the people that come. They are here for two weeks. We were there all Tuesday morning translating. We were doing refracting, where they use the machine to see what glasses you need, so that was cool. Luckily we just went in the morning then in the afternoon we had a couple appts.
Wednesday, we had to go back to the thing but this time in the afternoon which kinda stunk because people are in their houses in the afternoon. Well today in the translating thing we had to help people use this machine where you look into it, and when you are looking in you see like a red house, and then the workers would scan their eyes with a really fancy machine. What we had to do was help people put their head right up against it, the bad part was some people just wouldn't do it so we were shoving there heads right up against it! haha
Thursday (because we had to go in the afternoon to translate again), went to a less active's house in the morning, had one of the best lessons ever!!! This less active, Henry, the RM who we helped last week, is the coolest guy ever!!! He totally is going to come back and it was just an awesome lesson. He started to cry just saying how hard it is to be far from the church when he knows it's so true, but he will come back. Then we went to help translate for the doctors.  This day I got to help people choose sunglasses that they liked, everyone who came got a free pair of sunglasses, and I had to go help with distributing. Everyone that needed them got glasses made and the following day could come pick them up, so i was down there helping give out and translating for people, also taking pictures with all of them and their new glasses!! Look up the OneSight blog, I could be on there! haha the blogger of the group and I are way tight!! 
Friday same thing we just had to help with the translating, and we did the same thing we did the first day.
Saturday we had a couple of appts then went and helped with the "activity" to go clean the church.  It was us plus two other members. We had to clean the boys bathroom...let's just say it was gross. Poo stuck to the ground, all over the toilet, and I didn't even have gloves, but we got it nice and clean! Mom you would be proud!! Then we had a family night with our pension. Well that night we go to bed and I just couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning and just could not sleep. Then i just felt it...(for those of you who are weak, don't read the following part) (SERIOUSLY) so I ran down to the bathroom, almost passing out on my way down there, and just let it go, it was awful. I was sweating, and just wanted water, so i yelled up to elder Barry, but he was asleep. Luckily our pension wasn't so she gets him, and her daughter and they are all just worried about me and telling me to make myself throw up.  I look in the mirror pale as a ghost. Then round two comes... It leaked out of me like something that leaks really bad. haha! Then my pension makes me some stuff that will "make me feel better" so she gives it to me, along with a bucket, so I drink it and it was the grossest thing ever, and it makes me throw up.  So as I am diarrheaing, I am also throwing up! Yeah, that was great. At one point It sounded as if i was just peeing, but it was just draining out of me and I felt gross. I'll spare more details for when I get home ;)
Sunday I woke up and felt better, not 100% but better, so we go to church, and during Sunday school I found out I am the new primary pianist! haha have to play for their primary program, that will be interesting! Other than that just a normal day!!
Well because of this last conference I decided I would share with you the scriptures I am ponderizing for the week. This week was 2 Nephi 33:10.
Something i really love about 
this scripture is it says if you believe in Christ, you will believe in the Book Of Mormon. Truly it is applicable to everyone!! Thanks for all your love and support! The Book of Mormon is true, Christ Lives!! I love you all!!!
Elder Ludlow!

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