Monday, December 21, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like a White Christmas!!!!

Hey family and friends just want to start off by wishing you all a very, very, very happy Christmas!!!!!! 

So Monday we spent all day saying goodbye to people because my comp had a change.

Tuesday we sent him off along with other missionaries and it was super cool, I was with a mini missionary, or a part time missionary and we had some lessons, but it was a super busy day sending missionaries off and receiving them so that was great!! haha

Then Wednesday I traveled to Cusco for Consilio, a meeting with all leaders. It was an ok drive,  when I got there I waited in the office forever until Elder Mann came, then we went to his old sector!

Thursday was Consilio, and it was super awesome!!! We learned a lot and we talked a little about christmas. Jesus is the Christ!! He loves us and died for us! Then at night we had to travel back to Puno because we had our Christmas dinner with the zones on Friday and wouldn't have gotten back in time. We also went out to pizza with my old pension! I was so happy to see them, and them to see me! :)

Friday we got to Puno at 5 in the morning, and from there we were busy all day. My comp had to unpack, we had to go get stuff ready for the dinner. Let's just say it was a super stressful day!! We got there 1 hour before to make sure everything was good and they took out ALL of the tables in that chapel. So we had to run to our chapel get all the tables and come back. The best part was there was only room for one person to sit in a seat in the taxi, so I laid in a tiny space on the tables in the back of the taxi, squished between the tables and the roof of the car. It was interesting.. .haha then at night we had to try and find rooming for elders and that was a pain because there wasn't a lot of mattresses.... it was like looking for an inn :)

Saturday was a little better, we had a lot of planning to do, and had to go clean up a little better. Then that night we finally could work and had lessons with Edward, and Euclides which was awesome and they are progressing great!

Sunday we had a normal day, we gave talks in sacrament meeting about Christmas and that was fun. Then after we had baptismal interviews for Edward and Cynthia, well they kept telling us "wait, I'm coming," or "in an hour I will be there." The interviews were scheduled for 12 and 1 and we finally did them at 3:30 and 4:30,  haha oh well they both passed and I am happy cause they both are going to be baptized on Christmas!!! :) Then there was a ward activity and they told us 5 hours before that we had to do a special number... so Elder Mann and I, being two men just so musically talented, whipped out a sweet special number,  It will be in my dropbox if it loads in time! and then we also did a little skit with our elders quorum... if there is time that as well will be there!!

Well there is my crazy week!! Hope yours was great and that this is the best Christmas ever!!!! 

Love Elder Ludlow

Here's me and my comp, and me taking a selfie with like the entire ward! I'm cool I know :) Love you!

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