Monday, October 19, 2015

Tim Howard . . .

Well probably the best story of the week happened today. This morning we went and played soccer and we usually rotate being goalies. So it was my turn and I was just magically good! I don't know how but it was awesome!! haha I was just tearing it up and just stayed as goalie for the rest of the time. Everyone wanted to score on me and there was this fat member playing with us and we were just taunting and he's like "I will score on you!" You know he didn't score on me. I was pretty much Tim Howard or something! haha I had a sweet diving stop that should have been a sure goal, and then the fat guy and I were alone, he was on a side and kicked it and just drills me in the stomach but didn't score! haha It was tight!!

Well this week nothing really good happened. We just had a lot of failed appointments. So I won't go day by day cause it was just walking everyday. We had the primary program this week and it was good!! I think i played well and it was awesome!! I love the primary program!! 

On Tuesday we had a multi zone conference which was really awesome! We were there with a lot of missionaries and well everything was just great! I learned a lot and it pumped me up!
The good thing is we had a lot of appts. with new inv but they all failed so we will find them this week so this week will be good! 

Well I pondered Moroni 7:48 this week! It is an awesome scripture, and we need to pray with the energy of our heart! Always pray, and the Lord with bless us!! 

I love you all have a great week!!! The church is true and God loves each of you! :)

Check out Zach's mile-high hair!!

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