Monday, April 25, 2016

Tree of Cookies . . .

Well this week was okay, here's a quick rundown.

Monday I balled hard. It was awesome

Tuesday I was so sore from balling hard. It wasn't as awesome... haha it poured like all day and all of our appts failed us! #FlakeCity

Wednesday was solid. We taught Cynthia and she she is doing better. She has more time and is coming to church again so that is good. We taught a awesome new less active lesson to Maryori. She is super cool a 17 year old girl, with a super strong testimony!! She is awesome! She totally cried in the lesson  #LudlowCharm

Thursday we taught Liz in a solid lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ, she could totally feel it. I know it! She will get baptized. Then we taught Elvis. He will get baptized but not on my bday,  so that's sad. He wants his parents to be there, currently his parents are apposing the fact that he want to get baptized.. we will see how that goes. #???

Friday was our ward activity. the Arbol de Galletas. We walked around for 2 hours looking for chocolate chips. . . #WeAintInKansasAnymore (or any other state) haha then we made the cookies.  They turned out rather poorly, I'm losing the touch.

Saturday we painted a house! It was ridiculous! We were using like 2x2 (like a 2x4) as our extension stick. It weighed so much!!! It was ridiculous, Elder Mann was hanging out of the window painting while I was holding onto his legs so he didn't fall out! I bent over the roof and was hanging to get some parts, in the end someone should have died, but we are alive!! We had lots of appts fail and that was really sad, although we did teach Maryori and that was a sick lesson. There was also a K Pop party going on at the church. K pop means Korean pop, we were waiting for a member outside the church and just watching all the people go in. It was hilarious #KPopRULES 

Sunday was just a normal Sunday, we had lots of lessons which was great! And we totally had one of the best family nights ever! It was with all the people who live on the floating islands and they are so awesome!  We don't actually visit them on the islands, they also have a house on land. #LosUros

Well I love you all so very much! Hope you have a great week!! Don't forget to wish people who have a birthday happy birthday!! haha 

Happy Birthday Kimi!! Have a great week!! 

Here is Zach making cookies the best he can.  . . kinda hard when you don't have the right equipment!

Zach "in action" as he put it, painting a house.

Zach description of this picture was: Modern Day Stripling Warriors

Zach sent a second voice recording today with pictures of him trying to rescue some sister missionaries keys.  If you have a chance to listen to his recording I emailed, please do.  You will get a good laugh.  Below are some pictures of him attempting to get the keys.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Puno Life . . .

Well I am staying in Puno for another 6 weeks!! It's a good thing I like this place cause if not. . .I would really be suffering! But I love Puno and am super excited to stay here another change!


Okay well I forgot my recorder so we are going to maybe sneak by later if there is time to send the recording, but know it's not in this email.

Okay so Tuesday we went to Cusco and had this super cool experience with these two members, but I explain it better in my recording so you will hear it later...haha

Wednesday we had concilio, that was really fun and a great meeting!

Thursday we came back from Cusco and taught Elvis and Liz, well really her father, and it was all good, we got him to be interested in the Book of Mormon, so hopefully he reads!!

Friday we had zone meeting, and then we had to weekly plan. We were in our sector proselyting for the first time this week at 6 in the afternoon, so that explains kinda how this week went.

Saturday we had to go to Yunguyo to do a baptismal interview, that also took all day so we weren't there all day Saturday, we did talk to this German lady on the ride. She was Cool.

Sunday we had 10 set appointments, it was looking to be the coolest day ever, and we went 10/10!!!!! failed.... so we walked around contacting most of the day! We are really trying to find people who will progress so we are in that process!!

Well this week I was freaking out because I didn't wanna have a change, last night and this morning I was going crazy because of it, but I am staying with Elder Mann and I am super happy for that!! So YAY!!! Love you all have a great week and hope that I can send you the recording!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, April 11, 2016


Haha well this week was good. We didn't have church this week cause there are elections here in Peru, anytime there are elections you can't hold public meetings... lame sauce! PPK happens to be a candidate who might win, who is from the US! SO GO HIM! haha not that I actually even care.

Monday was just a normal P-day.

Tuesday was a great day. We taught Liz and she totally felt the spirit in conference and believes that they are prophets and apostle. #truuuuue then we also taught some other investigators, Guido for example just has so many questions. its really hard, They are good questions but so many and he just wants us to answer all of them.

Wednesday we had some okay lessons, Griselda Jilapa, family of Familia Jilapa, finally opened up to us and that really helped us understand some stuff, so hopefully we can help her see that the Gospel will help her in her life.

Thursday we taught some new investigators, who are really cool! They referrals from Erickson and they look pretty solid, we will be teaching them this week. We also taught Liz again and she is totally progressing, she read the B of M thinks it's true and prayed & feels it's true. I love the gospel it's so awesome!!

Friday we were in Cusco, we traveled Thursday night and got there Friday and we were with the Asistentes all day. It was awesome I learned a lot and we taught some great lessons!

Saturday we taught Rosa, she is doing well, but Primo not as much, he was there drinking while we were teaching his wife. But we are going to help him, I'm not even worried!!!

Sunday we didn't have church so it was just really weird. It didn't even feel like Sunday, but I guess that is how it is. I'm sure Elder Moss can testify!

Well a big shout out goes to Kaley this week!! Orlando that is super sick!! Not as great of a mission as Cusco, but I'm sure it will be okay!! haha The mission is awesome!!!

Well nothing really incredible happened, we've been showering with cold water, trying to fix our shower and really nothing works. We have no Idea what is wrong, and when I say we, I mean Elder Mann, I have no idea what I'm doing with that stuff lolz!

Pic 1 me fixing the shower

Pic 2 haha just kidding I can't do that stuff!! 

Love you all!!
Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, April 4, 2016

Probably the best Conference ever. . .

Tuesday we taught a new less active that came to church on Sunday his name is Jose. He is 16 years old, I think, and really cool. He came by his own will and so that is always a great sign! He totally is going to be rescued

Wednesday we taught Ceberino an inv. friend of Grover, it was a great lesson. He went away for a couple of months so we reviewed the Restoration with him. It was one of the best lessons! The spirit was so strong. I know he felt it! It was awesome!!

Thursday was a long day. We taught at the end of the day Familia Jilapa, we played telephone, where you whisper stuff into people´s ears and related that to the prophet then talked about conference. It was awesome because one of the daughters boyfriends, who we have taught a couple times, was there and was super interested and came to conference! #Score

Friday was April Fools Day and we played some great pranks, (explained in the recording) it was great. Then we taught some awesome lessons. We taught Franco the inv. we found last week. He is awesome and has lots of great questions and the desire to learn more. He looked at the church's website and watched some videos about the restoration. That was awesome!! Then at 7:30 we just decided to go street contacting. We contacted lots of people in the hour and that was solid. 

Saturday we taught Liz right before conference. She is the daughter of a family that we are already teaching. But we didn't even know that she existed until Friday night, so we made an appt. with the family but only she could so we took her to the church and taught her with Erickson, and she stayed for conference!! It was awesome because she got to listen to Elder Stevenson's talk about the priesthood, when we had just taught her about that. God is a god of miracles. Every talk was awesome and I loved it!

Sunday was great, conference was incredible! Probably my favorite talk of sunday was Elder Holland's. Wow he is a powerful speaker! Every time he raised his right hand, I just thought, wow I have shaken THAT hand! It was awesome, it was like more personal just because I have seen and met him. Wow it was awesome! Then we taught Ruben, Beatriz' husband, they are less active but seriously after the first time we visited them the switch just turned back on. They are reading and praying as a family, doing FHE. What more can you ask!!!

So our service of the week was to carry these big bags filled with mana. The bag was like as big as me!! Haha! It was awesome, I felt like a true waykey!!!

Well love you all!! I would love to hear all of your thoughts on conference as well!! Thanks for everything!

We also sent of a missionary this week. He is the famous Hugo!! love you all!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Carrying Mana. . . it's as big as him!