Monday, May 30, 2016

To Paradise. . . .

Well I don't really remember what happened this week, so sorry that this email is gonna be pretty lame sauce... 

So just some things that happened this week, we taught Abraham and he is awesome!! He is super prepared, and should have a date this week. 

I also learned how to wash quinoa and I grounded bread for service today.

So a crazy thing that happened this week was normally we all hear about transfers by internet on Monday and then everyone travels Tuesday, but there is going to be a huge strike in Puno on Tuesday so we had to advance everything a day earlier. So Sunday afternoon we get a call from the office, who told me that the assistants would be calling with the changes. I was super calm because I was sure that Elder Mann was going to have a change. So the assistants call and, well, I am having a change.

I'm going to Quillabamba. I've really only heard good things about it, but still I'm super sad because Tupac Yupanqui was the greatest ward ever. So all Sunday I was saying bye to everyone and just got here to Cusco today and well tomorrow I'm there. I have heard that it's like Hawaii so I'm sure I will be sending tons of pictures. 

My companion is Elder Arias, my old zone leader, he's from Bolivia and we should get along! It's going to be interesting!! Well sorry this is lame. I love you all!! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Washing quinoa

This is Zach's pension and some of her family.  She has been like a mom to him for the the last 9 months.  He is so sad to leave her.  We talked with her on Mother's Day when we skyped and she is the cutest lady.  She loves Zach!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Count Your Many Blessings

Honestly this week was a miracle!! This is Gods work and I know it!

So Monday we went to Cusco for concilio.

Tuesday we were in concilio. 

Wednesday we came back from concilio, and had a lesson with a new investigator named Mercedes, we didn't ask her her second name, it's probably Benz.. LOLZ.  Anyway it was  a great lesson! She is super humble and has heard about a couple other churches, and is just a little confused. How great is it that God can help her with that?? Hopefully she recognizes that!!

Thursday I was on divisions for half the day, cause in the morning we had a zone meeting, but it was awesome!!  I was with Elder Daybell, a new missionary, great kid!! Seriously his spanish was way better than mine when I had first started and his testimony was awesome! We killed it and taught some news and some other investigators!! It was great! We also taught this new less active we found with his mom, who is an active member. His mom gave the most sincere testimony. Holy cow talk about the Spirit being there! It was great!

Friday I was with elder Denham. Great guy, ends his mission in a week. We had some great lessons. Put a date with one of their investigators. Accepted. And we also lived every missionaries dream. . .played basketball to contact. Movies will be provided in dropbox. It was just a great day!!

Saturday back with Elder Mann. We had to plan this zone dinner that we are going to have today so not much going but we did teach a new family! Super awesome!!

Sunday was stake conference, Pres and Hna Harbertson's last stake conference in Bellavista. Super sad, but they gave the best two talks for sure. Seriously they are the greatest!! Then we had some lessons fail us but we had also another mission dream happen. We followed the spirit and contacted a guy that was sitting on a bench, and he was totally receptive to us, told us he was having problems, he felt depressed and that he knew God sent us and that he was happy after we talked to him! So great!!! We are super pumped to teach him. His name is Abraham! So keep him in your prayers!!

 I Love you all so much!! Thanks for all you do for me!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Me with Elder Mann in our 6th concilio together (we think thats almost a record)

Me getting my white girl on in Cusco

Monday, May 16, 2016


Well, sorry we are in Cusco and are writing very very late.. so just know that God is a God of miracles!! 

I love this work and God always picks us up when we are down! Love you all!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, May 9, 2016


Well Happy Mother's day to all the moms in the world!!!

So Tuesday we were thinking of what teaching we would give in our zone conference, and boom we had an epiphany. It was so awesome!! So we had to do a teaching with an activity, so thought of playing capture the flag and then relating some stuff with that! It was great!!

Wednesday, we were dealing with sick missionaries, all day so we didn't really have any lessons at all.

Thursday we were getting everything ready for the zone conference, so we didn't really have any lessons at all. Then we had a huge bus problem at 9:40 at night.

Friday at about 6:25, in the morning we solved the bus problems, with 20 minutes to spare! haha then went and picked up all the missionaries, had the zone conference on a beach! but I forgot to take pictures. . .but almost everything went well.

Saturday we had all failed appts and we had to go pick up some money from all of our missionaries.

Sunday we finally had some appointments. We taught 2 investigators and a less active and they were awesome!! It was a good Mother's Day and then I got to talk with the family which made me even happier! I love you guys!!!

Well thanks for everything!!! Times flying! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

These are the head bands that we made to make the teams in capture the flag, we also had matching flags!! haha love you all!!
Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, May 2, 2016

Cake! Are we having CAKE????

Well this week was kinda rough tbh.. so ya, here it goes . . .

Tuesday, (I'm skipping Monday because it's not even worth writing about) haha,  we taught some new investigators, Luz Clara who is super awesome and Roxana who is awesome as well! Roxana totally opened up to us, and told us some stuff about her life and why she wants to learn more! It was great!!

Wednesday - Friday we had lots of failed appts and lots of walking, it was rough honestly. 

Thursday I did get to see AJ though and that was great! It was just awesome! I was so happy!

Saturday was my birthday where everyone and their dogs decided to fail us, so that was sad, but we did have a great lunch with my pension and then also a mini bday party with a member family then later one with our pension. We ate so much cake it was awesome!!

Sunday was really just normal. We taught Luz Clara again and that was solid! She came to church and is totally gonna get baptized the 28th of this month! :) yay!!!

Well this week was also the bday of my pension's daughter on Tuesday,  so we had cake Tuesday. There was leftover cake because like 3 people bought cake, so Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we ate leftover cake.  Then also on Saturday for my bday, as well as  Sunday,  and I'm ready for another round!! Haha, it was great! Well thanks for everything, love you so much!!

For my bday I got this sweater from my pension and she also made me this beenie with my name! I love her! Well love you all!!

Love, Elder Ludlow


This is the beenie his pension made for him. 

Happy Birthday Zach!

Zach is happily giving us a fashion show of some of the things he got in his birthday package. . .he is such a goofball!
This is Zach's pension and her family.  He loves his pension!  She is so good to him and absolutely loves him too!  Isn't that baby the cutest!

This is the selfie poster that Zach and his comp gave their pension's daughter for Christmas.  His pension hung it up at added the "Happy Birthday Elder Ludlow."