Monday, December 14, 2015

Changes . . .

Well today are changes... it's sad to say, but Elder Johanson has a change. I'm super sad about it, but my new comp is Elder Mann another greengo!!!!!! He is a super sweet missionary and I am excited!! I think I'm racist because I just have way to many greengo companions! haha

Tuesday I was with Elder Powell, a district leader in my zone. He is a great guy! We had an awesome day of work, and really just a stud!! 

Then wednesday I was in our sector but with Elder CastaƱeda, and my comp was in Llave... we had a decent day with a couple of lessons... and also went to the town square to sing. It was sweet cause Elder Powell brought his guitar and played with us. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of people to contact! :)

Thursday was solid. Cynthia and Edward are both progressing very well!!! its sweet!!! They are both looking like white Christmas. Then we had some other lessons. 

Both Thursday and Wednesday the start of the day was spent traveling 2 hours, to go to and get back from Llave... fun!!!!

Friday wasn't so great.. failed appts. and all that and a whole lot of stuff to do with the zone... but we did have another lesson with Cynthia and she accepted the word of wisdom very well! Then right after that at 6 we had to travel Yunguyo to do baptismal interviews, it was a 2 1/2 half hour trip watching this young couple just flirt it up on the bus, yes me and my comp made fun, and then we did baptismal interviews that night!!!

Saturday we wake up help set up the interviews then had to get back to Puno cause our zone had to practice a special number our stake President asked us to do. Well we get to Puno to go open up the church, and realize we left our keys in Yunguyo! Two hours away!!!! ya it was rough... then that day we also had to do another baptismal interview

Sunday was a kind of normal Sunday. Cynthia, Milagros, and Edward all came to church. Then we taught Cynthia the law of chastity, she also accepted it. Then we had a lesson with Milagros, then a stake christmas devotional, the most irreverent devotional I have ever been in. But our special number was sweet. We sang O holy Night, mixed with Silent night, and it was awesome!!

Well that was the week for ya! I got a new bag made for me.. here's a picture!! Love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder Ludlow!

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