Monday, November 23, 2015

Cookies and Cleft Palates'

So here is another rundown of another great week!! I'm doing great and so don't worry mom!!

Tuesday we had actually a lot of lessons and it was so awesome!! Even though a lot of them failed us we were able to find a lot of the people who we need to progress so that was awesome!! We also got a new investigator who is seems pretty interested!! We also had a lesson with an investigator who saw me playing piano and wants to learn, so we said i can teach her every time we teach her the lessons, cause we teach her in the church!! She was totally pumped! So hopefully I can be like Janet!! haha

Wednesday We had a service, kinda like the oneSight service i did in Cusco but for a organization called Operation Sunrise, or Operation Smile. We thought we would be translating but they all spoke Spanish so we did other types of service,  we were there a lot of the day and then we were doing zone stuff for the rest... haha

Thursday we had the service again, a lesson with Edgar who sadly is just not progressing.. we aren't sure what to do with him, but we are thinking of leaving him. Then we had some lessons with Yonni, our inv with a date for the 12th, and it was a solid lesson, but kinda short cause he didn't have time, hes got a bad drinking problem as well, so sad. we also had other lessons with people, then a meeting with the stake president #ZoneLeaderBusiness it stunk, he's an interesting man... haha

Friday Was great, we had stuff to do from 6:30 in the morning to 9 at night!! Full of stuff we had to do for the zone, lessons, which is awesome, then more lessons and well ya it was a busy busy busy day! But busy days are the best!! Magly and Federico, the less active and Inv, who we are getting married are super excited about their marriage still! So that's awesome! We also got a new inv from an inv that we have, its his cousin! She is so cool and is super interested and is helping our investigator be more interested so ya that's awesome!

Saturday was awesome, more service, more zone stuff and a couple lessons. We found a lady we had contacted in the street, and we truly believe she was prepared! She has family who are Mormon and in the first lesson we committed her to be baptized! #PMGmission=BaptizinMisson #TheDistrictJokes oh ya my comp also lost his bag so we spent some time looking for it, we found it! :)

Sunday was just a  normal busy Sunday WE were all over the place We had another lesson with our inv and his cousin, Edward and Lucero, they are progressing very well! They both came to church and they both now have date for the 19th of December!! SWEETTTT!! haha then they had a multi stake fireside for returned missionaries, and the Stake President asked our zone to do a special number, We sang Oh My Father, the hymn, but to the music of Come Thou Fount, I played the piano and my zone sang, we practiced for about 30 min, we sounded like the MO tab!! haha Then we had a lesson with a less active, RM, Omar. He is gonna come back we are sure of it!! 

Well That's about it!! Another great part of the week is we put up Christmas light in our room, and well here's a picture, we don't even use our light anymore, just the Christmas light!! I love Christmas!! haha and don't say it's not even thanksgiving yet, cause they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here!! Good ole Peru!! haah Well i love you all and am so thankful for all the support! Have a great  Thanksgiving!! 


Elder Ludlow

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