Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The end is near!!! kinda....‏

So i have less days here now almost than i had weeks at the beginning so that is awesome!!! This week wasn't really anything special... I don't have a ton to write so sorry about that cause i know you're all dying to hear my great stories ;) Well just read last weeks email cause its probably about the same stuff!
Haha so a funny joke we have going on around here is we just randomly ask someone, really loudly, hey you still got diarrhea? its really funny to hear and see peoples reactions cause they just kinda sit there and don't know what to say.. Remember that we are 18 year old guys still!
So on another note i finished the book of Mormon this week.. It was my goal to finish it while i was here and i was able to do that so props to me for being the best! Jk I have a lot to work on but really the Book of Mormon is an incredible book. The truthfulness and the teachings that you can find in the book are incredible.  You learn things that aren't even relevant to the chapter you are reading but because you are doing what heavenly father asked he will bless you in whatever thing you need. That is one of the coolest things i have seen out here. And come to realize that if you aren't reading the book of Mormon every day. That is a waste of a day, whether its a chapter a verse or 10 chapters you should read every day. I challenge all of you to do that. It is incredible the blessings you will see in your life.
So it is my morning teachers, hermano davalos, last week here. we are his last district which is really cool. so he let us watch the other side of heaven to show us the part where the guy learns the language. we talked him into letting us watch the rest of it.. So we thought whats another movie we can talk him into letting us watch.... BEST TWO YEARS!!! we talked him into it.. we made a deal with him.. we had to go to two other districts and share scriptures with them and he would let us watch it! Its such a great movie.. and there is an elder here that is exactly like elder calhoun... it is the funniest thing i have ever seen!!
Well I really don't have much else.. I was kinda homesick this week.. but I'm kinda used to it so don't worry I'm fine! We talk a lot about movies and i miss all movies! i wish i could just watch a Disney movie or something haha!
This week i pondered a lot about the trip to Nauvoo this summer, i thought about Joseph smith a lot and studied him a lot this week.. What an incredible man. I complain because I'm so sick of eating rice every meal... But he went through so much pain and agony and persecution to bring forth this true and gospel.. I am so grateful for him! As you take my challenge and read the book of Mormon, cause i know you all will :), take some time to pray and find out for yourselves that Joseph smith was a true prophet. Research his testimony and the testimony of the early saints he is and incredible man. I love you all so much! Don't forget about me cause ill probably forget all of you ;) chiste! (that's joke in Spanish) i miss everything and everyone at home.. I have no idea the next time i will get to email so just be checking up!!
Love, Elder Ludlow
ps sorry if my english is poopy.
pps we played a lot of volleyball this week and don't worry i still got it
ppss i went to dalbys shop today and talked with the guy. he took a picture with me and told me he was visiting in march and that he was gonna visit bro dalby. he also wanted my address so they could come visit... so you may have visitors in march!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So a couple crazy things happened this week!! First off I'm here to tell you that i have felt, and survived my first earthquake!! We had one while we were in class and it was really sick!! Then our teacher was like, "oh my gosh an earthquake!!! We were a little worried it would be bad but it was fine no harm or anything! it was a 5.8!
Next on Sunday we had Elder Evans, head director of the missionary department, come and talk to us. It was really cool!! He spoke in our sacrament meeting and he also gave us a devotional! SO that was really cool, but the best part about him coming is lunch after church was the bomb! Whenever someone important comes its always great food so we love it when they do! Elder Evans is directly under Elder Bednar, and Elder Nelson under missionary work just to give you an idea of how high up he is!
OK so the other night i was sleeping and everything and kicked something at the foot of my bed. I have no clue what it was or if i really kicked anything but I sat up and said "Sorry Bud" then about cried when i realized that it wasn't buddy!! It sucked i miss him like crazy!!
So we got new Latinos in our room and now we have four instead of just two. They are OK they smell weird and they hate the cold. Which is AWFUL!!! So our room is hot a lot of the time. except i turn the air on after they go to bed :) but its hot and there smell just roasts and its bad.. They seem pretty cool tho, i don't think they speak very much English so ya...
And one of the coolest things that happened this week was me and Elder martin had a connection. I asked him if he played jr jazz this year. He said ya and i ask him what day he played. He didn't know but he went to Alta and i remember playing an Alta team so i asked him if he was on the team with the big black guy, for those of you mainly the bangerz, who remember that team.. he was on them!! They we just talked about that and it was the greatest thing! Our teacher was kinda mad that we were talking but oh well!
I think my last story is this week 5 people from my district and 3 from another got to go be students for people who were applying to be teachers at the CCM. so it was a nice confident boost because it was all of us who were good at Spanish!! Haha but it was kinda stressful cause peoples jobs are on the line!!
Well that's about all i got for you! Me and budden are doing great! Me martin and augut hang out a lot too! Weve been playing volleyball a lot and I'm just killing it! Yesterday during gym time i dove popped a ball up then as i was on the ground someone spiked it at me and I hit it over for the point.. which saved the game which we ended up winning... SO ya get at me cause I'm kinda a big deal!! Haha I'm super excited to be leaving here though cant wait to get out in the field!! I love you all so much and miss you!! my p day will be on Wednesday next week so check Wednesday! And if not then it will be Thursday.
My spiritual thought for this week is to go look up the video "The atonement and missionary work" i think. Its a Mormon message kinda thing and we've watched it a couple times here and its a real tear jerker!! Its insane!! Well I love you, church is true!! Even if i can't spell.
Love, Elder Studlow

Thursday, November 13, 2014


The word of the week is cursear. Go look it up right now before you even continue to read!! That has been the name of my game this week!!
Ok first things first, now that you know that I've been sick all week, its been a pretty solid week! Other than being sick! pretty normal nothing to crazy to write about!! First off I'm gonna call little poody out in my big email so maybe he will email me!!!!! Haha thanks and tell everyone to email me!! It is so great hearing from home even if i can{t respond!! OH and send pictures too!! please!!
Ok, so some funny stories i wore the tie josh gave me this week, and every ones response was, "I will trade you every tie for that tie" But ya no I'm not trading that tie!! There's no way! Everyone loves the paisley ties and me too so i don't think I'm gonna be trading very many of them! we cant send pics this week or else id send some of my new stuff i got!! I also bought a box of Trix today and they are shaped as the fruits!!!!!! It is the coolest thing!!! I love AMERICAN THINGS!!
Ok really there isn't that much else. Elder budden is doing pretty good! Were both starting to get sick tho which kinda stinks! But oh is he a character! He told us that he brought his pillow to school and told people that he was really tired cause the night before he was up all night fighting a native American who was trying to shove clam dip down his pants!! Ya he is something else but i love him!!
Ok really the last story i have to tell you guys is the best story of the week. Keep in mind this is a bunch of 18-20 year old guys looking for ways to have fun!!! So elder Martin also cursear as well. So he was able to just rip farts like no ones business. these weren't weak farts either! They were powerful loud and wet and disgusting!! So me, Augat, Martin and I went into the bathroom where there are five stalls. We made put augut in the middle and me and martin on the ends! Augut brought nutella and yelled out when we heard someone come in, "Hey I'm out of tp can someone get me some" so and elder came and handed him some tp. Well Augut put some nutella on his fingers and wiped it on this elder, one of the new north Americans, and the kids reaction was priceless. Also don't forget that in the background martin was rippin up a storm!! So the kid goes.... OOOH IS THIS???? AHHHHHHHH and just screams like a girl! Ive never cried while in the bathroom but it was soooooooooo funny!  Martin the following night also got 25 huge farts in one sitting.. Him and Augut had a bet that's why i counted!
Sorry theres not much to write about! Time is flying here and I'm getting more used to it. I called the CCM home for the first time last night so ya its OK! My homesickness is going away and now its not that i get sick i just miss home if that makes sense! But I love it here its crazy fun!! I'm super sick of rice tho.... Hopefully I get used to it soon!
I love you all and just wanted to remind all of you about the power of prayer.  I have never prayed so much in my life yet i still should be praying more.. I can see that Heavenly Father really answers my prayers here.. If you ever need anything fall to your knees and pray. HE WILL HELP!! it may not be how you want but i know he will do whats best. He love you more than Peruvians love rice!!! I miss you all so much!!!
I mean ludlow
P.S. cursear means to have diarrhea! Have a great week talk to you next week

Thursday, November 6, 2014


So I thought i would begin by telling Parker and Mckaley happy freaking birthday!!!! I though about you guys the entire days on your birthdays and I love you!!
I'm gonna tell you one of the funny stories of the week! So on Sunday I was talking with elder Augaut about how happy i was that his companion was district leader and how I was glad that I probably wouldn't be zone leader because of that! So we just laughed cause he was so happy it wasn't him to! So after church Sunday we had a health class and i just couldn't keep my eyes open. so when it came time to say the prayer i was half awake half asleep... we said the prayer and I'm not sure if i stayed awake during the prayer! but i just kept my head down after the prayer was done for a little til i heard my name.  When I turned to see who it was it was a member of the branch presidency. He told me and elder budden to go with him so we went into the classrooms and low and behold you re looking at your new Zone Leader!!! haha i blame mom and dad for this because Zach Ludlow, zone leader, ZL, its like it was destined to be!
Haha so this week has been better its starting to go by a lot quicker! Elder Wilson and Elder Turner, our former roommates are gone and we have Latinos in our room now. How I wish elder Wilson and Turner were still here! They were the coolest funniest kids and we just had great times! now the new Latino leaders are kinda weird, make our room smell funny, and one of them the first night woke up at 2 in the morning turned all our lights on in our room, turned them off and went back to sleep, ya I don't know.
OK, Honestly there isn't many new things to tell because we do the same things all day. We sit in class and it really is kinda boring but really fun because i have awesome teachers! so a lot of this is just gonna be stories that i remember!! SO i described how the food was OK but i didn't really explain it. So every morning, and I'm not kidding when i say every morning, we have eggs, pretty sure they are fake eggs, usually they are fried, occasionally scrambled and they are GROSS!!! I haven't got them since like the first week! EWWW then we have rice every lunch and dinner! They cook every part of the chicken, i swear they cut up the chicken and just throw it in, they don't let anything go to waste! Its not bad but the desserts at the start were gross it was like flan, whatever that is, and it was flavorless poo. But the desserts are getting better, the most prized food here is the churros. Ooh we had those two times in a week and that's like a miracle!!! We threw them in the microwave and wow they were good! They have like this caramel sauce in the middle and wooh they are awesome!!
So I have made two tie trades. One with elder martin, and one with an elder Gomez. The one with elder Gomez is cool because it was the tie I got from the Gomez. So kinda a coincidence but really cool. Honestly my thing Is i don't know how to say no. I'm JUST to nice haha!
So some other funny stories theres this kid here, hes 22 thinks he knows everything, the gooberiest kid and hes got a girlfriend right? That's not the funny part, his girlfriend bought and named a star after him. First of the star isn't even recognized as a star by Nasa and second his first name is Patrick. Patrick Star!! I cried laughing it was great! Another funny story is in the bathroom we just sit there and blow bubbles and its so great!! haha Last funny story, We were playing soccer this week and there was a ball in the air, so i Went to jump and get it and so did an Hermana from the other team, except she led with her knee. She got me right in the place where she shouldn't have. My privates. She was like oh are you OK, and me being the stud that I am played it off like a champ but it hurt so bad!! They seriously hurt from 3:45 til i went to bed at 10:30 so pray I can still have kids!!
I'm doing a lot better now and everything is great except one thing. Teaching. Teaching is the most frustrating thing because i study and i study a lot. but elder budden doesn't. a lot of the times he just sits there and stares into space.  which is bad because he cant speak Spanish so when i try to help him write things down he does for maybe two minutes then just stops. I get so stressed and stuff when we have to go teach. I do most of the talking which is bad cause I don't know much but I just pray that the spirit will guide me.
I thought id leave you with another thought this week. Its a question i want you all to ponder! "If you could see God face to face what would you say?" and "What do you need to do to prepare for that"
I love and miss you all more than anything! I think about all the amazing friends and family i have at home every day and I am so so blessed to have all of you! This elephant is pretty big dad but I am a hungry young man!! :)
With much love,