Monday, November 30, 2015

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for tomorrow we work!

Well Monday was awesome. Right after writing the family we decided to go to this store that has all american candy and stuff... And to our delight there was mountain dew there!! You know we bought a twelve pack!! And so that was great! Then we had to set up and plan our zone meeting we were up til 12:30...

Then Tuesday we had a zone meeting. To finish getting ready for zone meeting we had to get up at 5... it was crazy!! But what we did was the "Iron Rod" activity, all through our church. It was sweet!! Then we had lessons with investigators and other zone stuff to do.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Milagros an investigator who accepted a date for the 25th! It's going to be so awesome!! Then we had a couple other lessons with some other people who are kinda progressing. We also had more zone problems we had to take care of.

Thursday we had a couple lessons and got some new investigators all from referrals from Grover, and his sister. The reference from his sister now has a date for the 25th of December as well!! We had a lesson with Federico and Magly and things aren't looking good for their wedding. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!! haha When we were eating lunch my comp was sitting on a bench, and the pension on the other side.  The pension got up to help her husband carry something and my comp turns to help and the bench tips and he falls and spills juice in his lunch and it was so darn funny!!! haha He almost tipped the table over even!! Oh man we were dying laughing!

Friday I did divisions with Elder Polad, one of the district leaders in our zone, and it actually is AJ's son!! So it was awesome! We had a couple of lessons, mission coordination, ward council and a ward activity so it was sweet! Then he showed me some pictures of AJ! That was trunky....

Saturday we had a couple of lessons with investigators as well. and we have another inv with a date for the 25th. We have been inviting everyone to baptism, and lots with date for the 25th, its gonna be a white christmas!!! We also contacted some people and contacted this kinda crazy, but super nice lady!

Sunday just a normal Sunday, but I had to take an elder to Chanu Chanu to pick up his new companion, there were changes within the change, and well it was sweet because I got to see a lot of the old members from Chanu Chanu, I also saw Belinda, and her family. They were my rescue there and so it made me so happy to see that they were active!! I went to chanu chanu with him and my comp stayed with a member cause we had lessons for 3 straight hours after the church!! It was awesome and the best part was we reached our goal of having 20 lessons with investigators this week!! We are working super hard!!

The work here is awesome!! I love it! Elder Johanson and I teach so great together!! We are seeing lots of success! We have 6 inv. with a date right now, and plan to have a couple more this week!!! So it's gonna be great!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!! I can't believe tomorrow is December..... It's crazy!!


ELder Ludlow

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