Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey yall!!

Well this week was pretty awesome so here goes!

Tuesday we taught english to a less active member, she's really cool, and she's like this hipster mom haha its pretty funny.  Then we were in the church and we taught Omar, our less active member who's about to be rescued. We also taught some of Grover's friends, two of them are in our sector Ceberino and Luis! They are super cool and of the group those two were the most interested! :)

Wednesday we taught Fico and Magli, and they just need to get married!!! They are seriously the greatest, but we felt that there could be something more than just the whole money factor, but we aren't sure so we will see! Then we did divisions and I taught Luis, Grover´s friend, and it was a sick lesson! We taught the Restoration, and the spirit was so strong there, and it's so obvious Satan knows because right when we go to share the first vision, boom phone call.... It was lame, but he still was super sick and he would be getting baptized on the 27th of February, but he's going on vacation for all of his summer vacations... so that's lame!!

Thursday we really just taught all of our lessons the last two hours of the day. That was awesome! We were finally able to find Yovana, she's an inv. who recently got married to a less active, we got to their house at 9 but we couldn't pass up the chance to teach her, so we did and she really likes to talk!! What we planned on to be a 5 minute lesson was a lot longer... haha whoops!

Friday I was on divisions all day so that's about it. We taught some sweet lessons.

Saturday we taught Euclides, and he told us he had some doubts about being able to quit drinking, but we are going to fast with him this week and I know that it is going to work!! It was a pretty cool lesson! We also just taught some other short lessons

Sunday was good, we had some lessons so that was good, then we had a stake activity, which was cool but there lots of member who didn't even know about it, like at least 12. haha it turned out ok but we were just there teaching about missionary work, things people already knew about... oh well there were some investigators there so that was good!

OK well this week was awesome, we were with Grover like the entire week  Grover is just like the 3rd missionary in our ward... haha he's great!! I love you all and miss you!!!

here are some pics 

1. This is a giant blanket, framed and put on the wall in a less active members house, I couldn't not take a selfie

2. Me wondering if I will ever leave Puno... :) JK PUNO IS THE BEST

Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!🌚

Haha sorry if you didn't like the emoji.. I thought it was too great!! 

So as you know Monday I was in Cusco,

Tuesday we had a meeting with President which was great!

Wednesday we traveled back, I think I slept 6 of the 7 hours on the bus ride! haha It's a blessing and a curse being able to sleep wherever!!

Thursday we had a lesson with Danny Elvis, and with Familia Soto! Oh Familia Soto is awesome, their son is the stake President of the other stake in Puno, a great man!!!! and they are less active, so we found them and they are super cool! The dad actually has like ptsd and can't really speak, and it's really sad... but they are awesome people and the wife came to church on Sunday!!! 

Friday I was with Elder Powell. We walked around like the entire afternoon til about 6, when we found an old investigator Yonni, which was a miracle in itself, and then we went over to the church to teach Grover. Well we get there and he wasn't there yet, but our less active Omar was, so we taught him for a short time, then Grover gets there and teach him, then leave and two of Grover's friends were there. Well we had another  appt., so I just made an appt with them and we went, our appt failed us so we ran back to the church and taught Grovers two friends!! We had like 4 lessons in two hours. It was awesome!!!

Saturday we had a meeting with our stake president. He is an interesting man, I need a lot of patience, but he pretty much was burning us for not having baptisms and said that we are only here to baptize, which is not true. Proof-- 1 Cor 1:17 read it and weep stake president! haha No he really is a good guy and helps a lot, just some of our idea clash. 

Sunday just a solid Sunday with some lessons. We had to give talks, I was the last and get up there with 5 minutes!! It was great I shared a scripture and my testimony and called it good!! haha Then we had the lessons!!

Well I hope you guys are doing great!! I miss and love you all so much!!

Here's a pic of me and my comp after zone meeting this morning!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, January 11, 2016


Hey there everyone!!! Just writing here in Cusco!! We actually had to travel for consilio tomorrow so we spent our entire pday in a bus... Super fun!!

Well here's the rundown. . .Tuesday we had some lessons with less actives and it was cool because they definitely felt the spirit, but we are still working with her, Alejandra, she has some barrier that we just can't seem to shake... so we will see what happens. 

Wednesday, we had tons of failed appts but we were in the chapel and a recent convert came, Brayan so we taught him a little it was a short but really spiritual lesson which really helped him!

Thursday we had a lesson with Omar, a less active we are rescuing, and it's cool because he is an RM and he knows everything, so we are kind of teaching him differently, which is totally working out great!!! He will be rescued! We also left with the most known man in all of Puno to walk around on the streets... It was great!!! Hno Roberto is a great guy!!!

Friday we were on divisions and we had like every appt fail us... It stunk... but we were able to find a less active member who lives with her boyfriend. But her boyfriend has gone to church a lot so it's just a matter of getting them married and getting him baptized!!

Saturday as well a ton of appts failed us...which really is just so sad...... We had another lesson with Alejandra but it was a rough lesson, she was super distracted... and during the lesson she kept saying "Estoy en Blanca" or she's just blanking out, but directly translated is she's in white, so me and my comp were like, "oh you want to get baptized again?? That's so great you know what if you come to church and take the sacrament it's like you are being baptized again!!"  It was great..she still didn't come...

Sunday just a normal day really, we had a short lessons with some investigators and with Omar and with a member family to get references!! Overall a solid day, but still we had a lot of appts fail us!

Well everything is going great, we have these three young men in our ward Erikson, Hugo, and Axel who love and want to accompany us to our lessons so we have been doing splits with them and everything!! It's super great!!!

Love you all and hey Taylor happy birthday bud!!!!! I can't believe you are going to be 17 you old fart!!! haha here's a pic of me and Elder Mann at internet cause i didn't take a picture all week!! Love you!!! Here's also a voice recording of more details!

Zach wanted me to share this video so everyone could "see his talent."

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016????? WHAT????

Well this week was crazy! I have a newish way how I'm going to write home

So on Monday we were out shopping and my companion has a voice recorder, and I saw one and decided, hey why not! So I bought that and now instead of writing a big letter I am going to send home a voice recording, hopefully that I will be able to give more details about lessons and stuff like that. I still plan on writing a little report of things that went on, but just to save me time for writing. Mom or Dad if you disagree with this just let me know but this way you can also hear my voice :)

Well this week was great we found quite a few new less actives which was awesome because that's exactly what our president wants us to do, and so we are expecting that this week we find some more new less actives as well because we didn't even leave with Hno Roberto. So we are super pumped!! The zone is doing great and every one is working pretty well which makes us so happy! Elder Mann and I get along great, he totally reminds me of Stewart! It's the best!!  

My scripture of the week would be Isaiah 53:3-5. It's an awesome scripture that really helped me be more obedient, and more grateful for everything Christ did for us.

Love you all!!!

Elder Ludlow!

OK so the recording was too big so its in dropbox I will make it smaller next week!