Monday, November 9, 2015


Well this week was an interesting week, I'll show you why.

So Monday I got my change right? Well I couldn't even pack my bags that day because we had to go help our bishop with a baptism. So that was kinda lame, then I cut my hair and we had a district meeting and, yup that was good.

Tuesday I went and said bye to a lot of people, and it was really sad, one of the saddest moments was when Gustavo started to cry. Me and him are patas you could say and well he is the greatest guy! Then I also said goodbye to other people and packed the bags, from 8:00 in the morning we were busy.  Also we had an appt with this new investigator who knows a lot. He was talking to us about a lot of stuff but the funniest thing was he asked us if we knew why we left two by two.  We shared a scripture why and then he said:

"Oh that makes sense, but also do you know where the word testify comes from? It comes from the word testicules. How many testicules do men have? 2 right? Back in the old times before there were bibles, when people would go to court they would grab there testicules with their left hand, put their right hand over their heart and testify!" 

Hahah it was one of the funniest things I've heard!! Good ole crazy people.  Then Tuesday Elder Barry's new companion got here so I went to another sector with another elder who didn't have a comp.

Wednesday we had a training for zone leaders ,so we were at the training, then that night some members invited us to eat. They made kabobs I ate 12! It was great.

Thursday my comp, Elder Johanson, came to Cusco.  Every month there is a meeting called consilio, or like a council of leadership in the mission, so my comp had to come for that. Meanwhile I did a service then picked him up, we went out to Mcdonalds! First big mac in over a year, it was great!

Friday we had that meeting and it was awesome, we usually are in suits but for this one we were in p-day clothes because we did an activity outside it was super cool! I learned a lot and hope to be better! Friday night we went to Chilis!

Saturday we traveled back to Puno and we also had a baptism, so right when we got there we had to go get stuff set up for the baptism. You know it's great when you get to a sector and the day you get there you have a baptism! Awesome!

Sunday was just a normal Sunday, well actually it was the primary program, it was really cool. Not as well prepared as the one in Cusco but it was good, then we had appts with a lot of inv! We have an inv. with a date who has a drinking problem his name is Euclides, he is super cool and we are gonna get him to stop drinking so he can be baptized!

The work in this sector is awesome! There are a lot of people! Elder Johanson is a great companion and we get along awesome! I'm super excited to be back here in my pueblo! Today we are actually going to have lunch with a member from Chanu Chanu so that's awesome! Well some funny things for this week, my bags still aren't even fully unpacked, we have just been so jam packed with things, but today I will get to them!! 

Everything is going great.  This new sector is like all hills, so I'm gonna die!!! Hahah. Nah, hopefully that helps me to not be so fat!!!

Well thanks for all your support! I love you! The church is true!! Have a great week!

Back in Puno with his new comp, Elder Johanson

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