Monday, June 29, 2015

Guns N Baptisms

Hey first I just want to tell everyone that I have the greatest parents in the world!!! Mom the cookies were so awesome!! haha

So Monday We played some ball, and I was with Elder Day and we were pretty much Stockton and Malone, it was pretty great if I do say so myself, but also on Monday we had a devotional with Pres Uchtdorf, He was here in Cusco! The crappy thing is he was in the other stake center, so we only could see him through broadcasting, but it was awesome! He talked about a lot of great things! He talked about how we need to stand up for the church how we can't be shy! He also said something awesome, he said this is a land of many temples, why not have one more, and have it be a temple of our God! That got me pumped, I know one day Cusco will have a temple!

Well another week down this week, and well it went by pretty fast, I don't really remember what happened.. Haha but this Tuesday I did work visits, with the ZL, with Elder Day. He is an awesome guy and well it was a great break from a drama filled companio. On Wednesday we went to this huge fair, cause we had a stand there about family history, and just stood out there in the sun for like 5 hours and just contacted the crap out of people, it was actually pretty cool and in all the work all the missionaries did over the week with this fair, we have over 1000 references, hopefully some are in our area!

Then this Thursday we finally found some new people to work with and had a super cool lesson with a new family! So that was super great!! They seem awesome and well we had to cancel the following appointment we had with them because my comp is filled with drama. Saturday we had a baptism, well as you remember with the last baptism we had a small problem with the font, but we made sure the font was all nice and ready in the morning, the went after lunch to go and fill it up, and well the keys weren't there. We eventually got the key and the baptism went great.  

Then we were also at a members house and he pulled out a gun, and so we took some pictures, and was telling me how to pose, so ya that's what you will see in the pictures! haha love y'all!!

Well I love all you guys and thanks for all your support!! To all those back at home, have a great fourth of July!! Send me lots of pictures, and eat something barbecued for me!! 

You guys are all great, the church is true, and well if you don't believe me, ask God! :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day!!

Well happy Fathers day to all!!! Hope you guys had a great day!! I was super jealous yesterday we were in the chapel and one of the mission couples office is there, so we were talking to them and then they just got a skype phone call and were able to talk to there family for Fathers day. I feel jipped! hahaha But I love you dad and Thanks for everything!!

Well this week was really a slow week, not very many things happened work wise, We had  marriage of an investigator that we went to and well it was a weird thing cause 66 other couples got married at the same time, really weird right?? But thats good our inv is gonna get baptized next week! Im super exxcited about that!! Well also at this wedding there was, well, I'm just gonna be up front, I think a sheman, below is attached a photo and I just want you guys to look and find it! It's so funny!! I was laughing so hard!!! haha

Ya well really just some funny random things happened this week. There's this member who has two daughters, well we do family nights there every week so we can bring inv. so they can have friends and will his daughters absolutely love me, I guess thats just what happens when such an attractive greengo comes to their country right?? haha but they are awesome and adorable so thats always fun to see them! 

Also we were driving home in a bus this week and i was looking out the window and in some places the NBA finals game was playing, oh you have now idea how badly I wanted to get off and watch them haha! But oh well, also another day on a bus the guy next to me was just passed out, and we came to a sudden stop and he just had no control and just smacked his head on the seat in front of him, oh I wanted to laugh so hard but I also felt bad but oh it was pretty darn funny!! haha Another experience, who would think it was on a bus, the buses are just very interesting here, anyways this older guy got on so I offered him my seat, 99 times out of 100 the people are very grateful and take the seat and the other one time is when the guy is drunk. Well the guy was drunk. He just got mad and just yelled at me and said "SIT DOWN" I said no take it and just was like SIT!! so I did then he came and hovered over me well then he started talking to me, he was nicer and then asked me so what are you doing in Peru, told him I was a missionary and asked me what I thought about Mary, Jesus´mom. Well I told him she's jesus mom and he said you're right, and you know, the mother comes before the son. I just didn't really say anything and luckily we were getting off.

Then well on Saturday we had the Trujillo temple celebration that we got to go to. Midway through this guy turns around and starts speaking to me in english, the guy was from New York, didn't realize until he told me but had a total New Yorker accent, he was talking to me about all this interesting stuff, well actually he was born in Peru raised in New York and came back and is living for a little here. I asked him if he was going to move back to the US and well the unexpected happened. He says I ain't touching the states until Obama is out of office. Who would think even in Peru I would run into an Anti-Obama?? haha it was funny! Then on Sunday we had the temple dedication and well we went to all three sessions so that was good and fun!! 

So ya thats about all that happened this week, ive definately had more spiritual weeks haha but I love you all and hope you have a great week!! enjoy summer :)

Love Elder Ludlow

Monday, June 15, 2015

One More Down!

Well this week was really just a normal normal week. We didn't have really the greatest week happen this week. But we have a couple investigators that are progressing, one is getting married this Saturday and a week from that she is getting baptized! So thats tight!! But ya really we've just been looking for more people and really thats about it! This week the streets were pretty empty as well, cause this whole time of the year is a huge festival for Cusco! And so the streets were empty, then yesterday we were walking down the street, and well there is the American Cup going on. It's a soccer tournament and Peru is in it. They played yesterday and it was on every TV and you could just here people yelling and it was so funny!!

Ok so just today i finally ate chuño! Its was just in a soup so I didn't really taste it but it is still just gross and I don't like it!! haha but anyways that was pretty crappy!!

So our ward mission leader is just the funniest guy, in the pictures of the baptism he is the short curly haired pretty white guy, well we were at a family night with him and we were talking about how things happen for a reason in our life, we had just seen a mormon message and ya, so one of the sister missionaries had just shared like a pretty spiritual experience that she had had, then our mission leader says this, I died laughing it was so funny!!!! "Well I had something happen to me, sometime stole my iphone 5, so I went and bought an iphone 6, so really there wasn't even a problem!" Holy cow I was crying laughing so hard!! He is the funniest guy!!!! 

Today we also went to this place called Balcon del Diablo! It was pretty cool, we were just climbing up a river and waterfalls and it was pretty sweet! This dog followed us the entire time and it was pretty awesome how it did it!!! 

Hey but I'm just gonna throw a big shout out to Sam Corbin and Seth!! You guys shoulda seen me here in this internet cafe freaking out but Im so pumped for you guys!!!!!! I love you guys!! GO BANGERZZZ!!!

Have a great week I love you all!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Chiriuchu . . .

Well this week was a pretty eventful week to say the least. 

So this week is some sort of holiday for the catholics, about 99% of the population here, so it's just a huge thing they have all these saints walking around the city and things like that, well they also have a famous dish called chiriuchu. Well what its a plate with all sorts of different stuff but its a cold plate. Chiriuchu is like cold in quechua or something like that, and well cuí is a part of the dish. So i can say I've eaten guinea pig, if that's how you spell it... But it wasn't bad the first part I had wasn't very fresh so the skin is super hard to eat like rubbery you could say, then our pensions like no you need to fry it fresh, went killed one and cooked it up, ok didn't kill it but cooked it up and it was nice and crunchy and really it wasn't that bad. So ya that was pretty awesome!

Then we had another pretty awesome day, we went to a house, thinking this guy was a less active. He received us super well, he's a super kind man, and then we asked if he was a member and he said no. But in the first lesson he was just like i feel good when you guys talk. So we put him in white and baptized him! Ok, not actually but he is awesome and it looks as though he will be baptized, then later that day we got a reference from another member of four more people who all seem pretty interested it was pretty great.

Then Saturday we had a baptism, and well let's just say it was a pain!! So we went to the church 2 hours early, cause you have to fill the font and then warm up the water. Well we first had to clean out the font because it was gross, then after about 30 min of doing that, ya 30 min, we went and started filling it up.  We were just cleaning up the room and setting up the chairs and I had the feeling to check the font, well the drain was opened and we had no idea how to close it. So we called the ward secretary and he came and showed us, let's just say it's the worst design ever. It's in like a sewer and you have to use this rebarb thing that they have made to turn this lever to close the drain. Well we were trying for an hour and nothing then my comp lifted up some red thing, which was the lever we were supposed to turn, he couldn't turn it so I tried, I couldn't then we tried pushing it back down and then turning it and it broke off the lever. So the drain was opened and we had no way to close it. We had to call the zone leaders and go to their church to do all this! It was such a pain, and they had to use super cold water! I WOULD send pictures but I can't upload pictures here.

Well there's my week. Hope ya'll have a great summer! Love you all!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

So just a pretty normal week . . .


Well it really was just a normal week. We just did the normal contacting, teaching and all that! There's not really much to say! But I do like the new area, and time is going by so fast! But I guess something kinda funny is that we are teaching this less active lady, she is pretty old, and has pretty bad health so she can't go to church or anything so she's pretty lonely. And wow she is kinda crazy. every lesson we have with her I swear she just gets crazier! It's kinda scary! In one of the lessons she just went off on how we need to learn quechua or else we are gonna get a change to an area where all the speak is quechua and we wont be able to understand or teach or eat cause we cant communicate. She's kinda a nut job cause there's no sector, or area, in the mission that is like that! haha, anyways.

This week we just did a lot of street contacting cause our president wants us to have a lot of new investigators and all that, so we contacted a lot of people. Which not a lot of people like, but I don't mind. I realized this week that everything you do on the mission will help you with things back at home. So with street contacting, i realized that when i get home, i will just be able to go pick up chicks cause i've been talking to random people for two years! So hey all your future missionaries street contacting is great!!  Haha

Well usually people attach some sort of scripture or something but i thought  I would put my weekly analogy. I realized this week, as I was spreading cold butter on some bread, that the mission is exactly that. The mission is like spreading cold butter on bread, it's hard and a real pain in the bum sometimes, but once you finish it's so great. So maybe working with some investigators is really hard, maybe the bread is crumbling to pieces, but when this investigator gets baptized, that bread tastes so good! 

Now ya'll know what goes on in my mind° Haha love you all and hope you have a great week!