Monday, March 28, 2016


Well Happy Easters to everyone!!!

This week was pretty solid so here goes:

Monday we went to a tourist place I will put pictures in another email, I was climbing in and out of this chullpas, tower things, probably shouldn't have cause they are old graves and probably could have caved in, but it was really cool and I got some cool pictures so that's good!! haha

Tuesday we taught Beatriz and her mom, who is a new investigator, who was going to get baptized but then went on vacation, lost contact with the missionaries, and never could, so she should progress super fast! Her problem is she isn't married!!

Wednesday we taught Danny Elvis, he is in Cusco right now talking with his family about his baptism, but we realized in that lesson that we are some of his best and most trusted friends, it was sad because he might not come back til next transfer, when I'm probably not gonna be here, we will see what happens though. Then we also taught Erik, a 12 year old, and his mom. This 12 year old is so worried about just going to "paradise" it's pretty cool and when he understands better, even better!!

Thursday we taught those two families, a less active family Marcela y Fabian, their son was recently rescued, well not to recent, before I got here, and then an inv family Adrian y Juana, they are awesome with two daughters!! So that's super great!!!

Friday we were with President Harbertson all day!! It was awesome!! We had to take him around to everyone's rooms because he had interviews in all the missionaries rooms, it was so awesome Pres. and Hna Harbertson are the best! They are hilarious!!

Saturday we road tripped with President and Hna Harbertson for half the day and they told us stories!! It was pretty great!! Then we taught some lessons, We taught a new family, and well the wife totally just wanted to contend, and after asking many questions we just needed to get out and she asked one more and I just said "We will answer that next time we need to go" and she responds "it's cause you don't have the answer" I wanted to just pull out the scriptures and prove her wrong but nah.

Sunday was good just a normal day where we taught a couple of lessons, we had some difficulty getting people to church this week so hopefully next week will be better!

Well hope you all had a great week!! And a great Easter!! I also hope you all enjoy conference!!! It's gonna be such a great experience!!! Well I love you all have a great week!!! 

Love, Elder Ludlow

Zach with his comp Elder Mann and President and Sister Harbertson.  He
absolutely loves his mission president and his wife!

Monday, March 21, 2016


Well this week was ok.... but here goes!!

So Monday we traveled to Cusco, had a great time spending my entire P-day on a bus. 

Tuesday we had concilio and that was awesome!! Just so you know we won the "not competition" That every Elder took as a competition.. And well I was wearing my USA shirt so you cant expect anything less! #GOLDMEDAL

Wednesday we came back with some German guys in the bus. Good time. Also there was this Leonardo DeCaprio movie on, the German guys were like ya he won his first Oscar, so way to go Leo!! Who knows if it's good I just put my freshly bought llama blanket over my face!! haha We talked the lady down like 20 soles, I couldn't not buy it! Me and my bud Elder Black got the same ones we are so cute :) picture attached below

Thursday we had zone meeting, and we were able to teach a less active member Rosa. It was a super spiritual lesson and super awesome! We were with Erickson, just about the most prepared kid to go on the mission that I know. He teaches better than I do and he's not even a missionary!! haha

Friday we had to traveled to Juli. I gotta see my kid so that was great!! But that took up the entire afternoon, and so lame sauce.

Saturday we had to catch up on all the planning we had missed, and so we weren't able to leave hardly at all,

Sunday the only full day of proselyting it was good. We taught a couple of lessons, but it was a good time. Plus at night we just jammed out with our pension singing hymns and that was super cool. I love that woman!! 

I just want all of you to know that Christ lives! and as you celebrate Easter this year, think of His resurrection, not of His death!! Go watch the Easter video from the church and on twitter, facebook, or instagram comment your feelings with a #Hallelujah

He encontrado una vida nueva en Cristo. Yo Le amo con todo mi corazón por todo lo que hizo por mí. #Aleluya!!!

I love you all have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Zach with his new Llama Blanket he bought

Monday, March 14, 2016

David & Goliath

Well this week was okay, not as good as last week but that's okay.

Monday we decided that we were going to be David, went and bought slings and hiked a mountain and threw rocks. Great PDAY! (video in dropbox)

Really we had a ton of appts set up with inv. but a lot of them failed us. But even though we aren't going to have as many days to work this week, we are in Cusco right now for a meeting, We are still gonna go hard and find these people!

Wednesday we taught the crazy old lady again and my comp actually recorded the prayer, I will try and send it. It is sooooo hilarious!!! She's crazy!! But that's okay everyone needs a little crazy in their life right? haha

Thursday night we gave a blessing to an old sick less-active member. Hopefully she gets better and we had a lot of appointments fail us... :( but that's okay we were able to invite some investigators to an activity on Saturday, who knows if they went.

Friday we had to take a Sister to the hospital cause she's been having blood in her stoolPile of fecesDizzy face so glad I'm not the health secretary!! haha but hopefully they get everything under control.

Saturday we helped an investigator with a little service, she's a funny lady and is a little crazy. . . like a lot. She loves water and always invites to nice boiled water, I can truly say that I was more thirsty after drinking that boiling hot water than I was before... #ColdWateriswaybetter But she's super nice! She always says, water is just so amazing, we all need it. When we talk we use water when we walk we use water, we need to just always be rehydrating, haha. 

Sunday my testimony of this church was reaffirmed when we had an inv. tell us why it's not true, haha it's funny. I love this church it's so true!!! So ya I have a nice rant about that on the recording don't worry!!

Well love you all and hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day!!!Four leaf clover

Here's me being a "sling master"

Love, Elder Ludlow

Monday, March 7, 2016

News, News, News, and a couple more news!!!!

Well this week was probably the best week of my mission!!!! The recording is a little longer this week, but it is very deserving. So here goes.

Tuesday I walked around all day with Elder Denham, but that's okay he's a great guy!!!

Wednesday we taught Danny Elvis, he's doing great! We also had ward council, it was actually awesome. Our bishop is so ready to work and so thats super awesome!!! Super stoked for that!!!

Thursday we taught some new investigators that was awesome, then we had a ward activity we went to. So that was pretty solid!

Friday we taught Danny Elvis again, well that wasn't as good. He totally still wants to get baptized which is awesome! But his parents are totally against thatFearful face. He is 19 so that's good and doesn't even live with them, but he wants to go get on good terms with them. The thing is they live in Sicuani, about 6 hours from here, so he needs to talk with them, but he told us no matter what they say he still is going to get baptized! Relieved face

Saturday was super awesome!! Like you will hear, we taught two new families and that was so awesome!!!!  We also taught Euclides, and we totally helped him feel the spirit so that was super cool!!! And he finally told us why he doesn't come to church, it's because of his family, but we are going to help him and everything will be okay!!

Domingo we walked and walked and walked like crazy to find our "news" and meet our goal of having twenty new investigators in the week!! And we did it!! It was so incredible!! I just described everything in the recording just cause really it is the best!!!! We had a lot of investigators and less actives in sacrament meeting so that was great! And during elders quorum, the relief society president pulls us out and tells us that she needs help putting together a choir, so I was on piano and Elder Mann was leading and well  let's just say we need more practice!! haha

Well this week was incredible!! God loves us!! Christ lives and this church is true!! It's awesome!! Love you all have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Here is the video of a prank they played on their pension

Zach is showing us how this old lady was standing while she prayed. He talks about it in this week's recording.