Monday, October 26, 2015

Fasting is Real!

Well last Saturday we had a mission fast, where all of the missionaries fasted for the same cause, one of those causes was that we would be able to find more investigators, well here is the rundown.

Monday, after p-day we had a district meeting, and then a family night with our pension The Abarca Family, and then they took us and the sister missionaries out to lunch. 

Tuesday we had a couple of lessons with less actives and recent converts, then as we were coming home I had the impression to pass by some old investigators house. We kinda left them because we could never find them. The lights were off and everything but we knocked and they answered and we found them!! The best part was the little girl, Milagros 9 years old, saw us walking as they drove by us like 2 minutes before, and said to her family, the Elders are coming to visit us!! #FollowTheSpirit

 Wednesday was ok, we had a lot of appts fail us and we were walking around a lot, but we called this couple, a reference from a member from another ward. We had actually given a blessing to the wife of the couple probably a month ago when she was pregnant. They were like "Can you guys come tonight?" CLARO!!!! So we went two more times and they are really awesome. Their problem is they aren't married, very common thing here in Peru. Then at night I burned a shirt for completeing the year mark! :) pictures included. 

Thursday was long and tiring and just a lot of nothing. We walked around all day long and all of our appts failed, but we ended up having an emergency ward council. 

 Friday wasn't the best day either, we had a couple of lessons, with a family night, we taught Gustavo hijo. The guy is awesome!! I really am going to miss him!! He is such a great guy, one of the best converts I will have, I believe. 

Saturday we had a multistake service. We started at some point walked down the road and picked up just trash in the street. There was a lot and I got fried! #alwaysforgettoputonsunblock
After that we had a lesson with a member, who we told to invite her friend, who is an investigator. He came and we had an awesome lesson about the restoration. Her sister is also a less active, we are working with her and it was a sweet lesson! Then late that night at 8:30 we had another lesson with news. We show up and they own a little store, and there is this drunk guy, we go say hi to the wife and she tells us to wait a sec cause her husband is still on the way home. So this drunk guy calls us over and just starts talking and talking and talking to us. Great guy, says he wants to change his life and that he doesn't want to be a drunk, we walked him home then made an appt with him, we will see how he feels when he's not drunk! haha Then we had another appt with two new investigators, Fiorela and Bruce Lee! Yes I have an investigator named Bruce Lee!! They are awesome and the best part, is they are married!! Well, so we think, we forgot to ask, but they wear rings, so that's good!!

Then Sunday we had a regional conference. The first thirty minutes the stake president talked the last hour and a half was broadcast from salt lake, where we heard talks from 70s and from Elder Anderson, he spoke Spanish!! It was sweet! Well then we had a lesson with crazy old Juana but it was awesome, the spirit was so strong and my testimony that God and Jesus live was reconfirmed! I felt so good, and I testify to you guys that they live and love each and everyone of us! We had a couple more lessons that day. 

Well Thanks for all your support, it's crazy that I'm on the downhill... everyone says it goes faster which scares me cause I don't understand how.... but we will see. I love you all! The church is true!!! 

My scripture this week was Ether 12:27. Something I really learned is that there is no limit of people in God's kingdom, so imagine if we all humbled ourselves and everyone was there, talk about a huge party!! haha love you all!! 

Ok the last picture is a sign we saw here that we thought was kinda silly it reads "Here WE ARE CATHOLICS  We love Jesus´ Mother and we don't accept other religions because many false prophets walk in the world, Thanks for respecting our faith.  Haha oh Catholics! We are thinking we might knock on that door this week!! 

Have a great week everyone!!


ELder Ludlow

Woo Hoo! Buring of a shirt for his one-year mark!

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