Monday, December 7, 2015

Trial of Our Faith

Well this week really was hard. We had lots of failed appts and lots of zone stuff to do. 

Tuesday I did divisions with another district leader. It was sweet but we walked around a lot!!  

Wednesday, almost all of our appts failed us, and then we had to go buy stuff for our zone and get stuff ready for them!! 

Thursday was more normal, although we had some failed appts. We had a lesson with Cynthia our investigator with a  date for the 25th, and with some other less active and investigators. I started to get super sick. We had to run from our church, the bottom of a mountain, to an appointment, top of the mountain, in the cold rain at night. Oh I love the mission!!! haha

Friday lots of zone stuff, again, with a couple of lessons, with Cynthia again, she is progressing well!! Then with edward our inv. with a date for the 19th.

Saturday we had zero lessons!!! and then we went as a zone and caroled and contacted in the town square, we are going to do this every Wednesday and Saturday until Christmas!! cool!! Then we had to help some elders with a ward activity!!

Sunday was a super good day. We had a lesson with Cynthia, with an inv yonni, pronounced Jonny, and then we went and did an activity with a ward in our stake where we split up and looked for every member in the ward directory. It was awesome!  I went with the first counselor in the bishopric and we were knocking doors contacting like maniacs! It was awesome! Then to top if off we had the Christmas devotional!! I loved what Elder Clayton said it went something like this (I'm just translating so it might not be exact) "Thanks to the birth of Christ, there's hope and so much more" It's so true!!!

Well sorry there wasn't much this week I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!

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