Monday, November 2, 2015

The Puno Curse

Haha, well here's the rundown..

Tuesday we didn't have a lot of lessons but just one with our less active Janet, she's super awesome and so is her sister Ailang, an active member.  But other than that we had a lot of failed appts and nothing...

Wednesday was solid. We had appts with Gustavo, Juana, and then with a new reference from a member. The reference is super awesome and she is married as well!! The only thing is she lives right next to our limits so we don't know what will happen, hopefully she lives in our area!

Thursday was long and sad, we walked a lot and no one answered at all, everyone failed us and well it was just all sad.

Friday was good, we did divisions with the zone leaders, I was with Elder Day and we put in work! We had lessons with Gustavo and with a new less active named Alfredo who is super cool!!! He is such a great guy! He speaks English, has a sister that goes to BYU and really is just a great guy!! Then we knocked some doors, found some cool new people, had a lesson with our inv. Frida, and then with another family. We ended the day with misison coordination. It was a really good day!!!

Saturday, well Halloween definitely is different here. Not nearly as big, but oh well! We had no lessons, but Ailang invited us to eat and we had some chicken, go figure. Then we had a family night in our pensions house and we were using some Halloween costumes. . .vampire teeth that my mom sent me, and it was good fun.

Then Sunday I got a shoutout from the Bishop in Elders quorum because he kinda knew I would have a transfer. Then we had some lessons, I said bye to some friends and then we walked a little looking for people, no one was home. We ended with a family night in our ward mission leader's house, and ya... it's kinda sad.

Well the scripture of the week is alma 5:16. 

Well everyone has told me since I started my mission in Puno that I was cursed. I never actually believed them until today. The curse is that if you start in Puno you will always return!! Well I'm going back haha..... I'm going to BellaVista barrio Tupac Yupanqui.. it's the other stake in Puno. And I'm really sad.. I don't wanna leave my son!! I'm going to be companions with Elder Johanason a greengo, who supposedly plays soccer very well so now is my chance!! haha I met him when I was in Puno six months ago, he's been in the same sector a looooooong time!!

Love you all and well have a great week!!!

Elder Ludlow

I guess switching name tags was all a part of their "costumes.

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