Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh My HILLS!!!

Well this week was awesome! 

On Tuesday we had a couple lessons, one with this crazy investigator named Fanny. My comp told me we aren't sure how she will progress cause she's kinda crazy, ya she was. Really nice, just crazy haha! Then we had a lesson with a kid named Edgar, he had a date and passed his interview, but his parents talked him out of being baptized, even though he's like 20. So we had a sweet lesson with him, but he's still scared about something. Then we had some lessons with some recent converts. 

Wednesday we decided we needed to run every morning, so now every morning we are running to Edgar's house and reading the BofM with him. The crappy thing is he lives on the top of a hill!! haha but hopefully I will get less fat. Then we had some lessons with some other people and had one with an inv. named Jonny. We taught the Restoration and taught it so well!! It was awesome! He has a date for the 13th of December! Then we had some other lessons. 

Thursday in weekly planning I had the greatest idea! So we have this less active who lives with her boyfriend, who is an inv. who knows the church is true. My comp has been trying to get them to get married forever!! Well, I thought  we could use a Christmas miracle!!!! So we went to their house that night and shared our idea that they should get married and then her boyfriend, Federico, could get baptized on Christmas!! So she was a little hesitant but accepted! So now we are in the proccess of helping them!! Then we also got 3 references from a recent convert Grover! Grover is a golden reference machine!! 2 of the 3 references he had given before these three, have been baptized and the other one we are working with! They all seem like they could progress!!

Friday we had to go do some stuff for the zone. Saturday we had a zone meeting, and we had to go buy stuff to make lunch for the zone for this conference. It took a lot of time but we still had a couple of lessons

Saturday we had our zone conference and interviews with President Harbertson. It was all good, but our zone is huge so it lasted a long time. Then after we had to clean the chapel up. But luckily a recent convert came to the chapel, so we taught her with Sister Harbertson! That was awesome!!!

Sunday We had stake conference, a new investigator that we commited to baptism in the first lesson, and some other powerful lessons! We had a lesson with Jonny and we talked about the Book of Mormon, well we taught with such power it was so awesome!!!!!! It was sweet!! Then we did the same with a recent convert.

Well this week was awesome!! I love life and I love Puno!! It has rained everyday this week so that's kinda lame, but its awesome!! Really we are putting in work and Elder Johanson has helped me a lot to be better!!

Here's a pic of me in our bathroom, I'm taller than our shower head....  #tallpeopleproblem!!

Love you all have a great week!!

Elder Ludlow

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