Monday, August 3, 2015

At least Saturday was good..‏

Well it was another kind of rough week... another rundown

Monday, We played soccer I think, and that was pretty fun, I still suck really really really bad. But hey its all about the effort right?

Tuesday we had a lesson, then we helped the elders quorum president move houses, then after lunch had a couple more lessons, pretty normal day. We were with our inv who is just a stud. Then two elders came and stayed with us, Elder Jensen and Elder Bravo, Elder Jensen was in Puno with me, and Elder Bravo is the son of Elder Bentson, he went to Hillcrest and we realized that we had class together so that was pretty great!"They came cause we had a multizone conference on Wednesday, that Elder Jensen and I had to teach, so we finalized all our plans.

Wednesday we had the multi zone conference, but it was cool cause it wasn't in the church, we did it outside! We went to this place called Balcon del diablo, and so we were in normal clothes the entire day. I think ELder Jensen and I taught well, we did a science experiment for an example and it was pretty cool, the whole conference was great, except my comp didnt want to participate in any of the activities, so that was rough.

Thursday we had a zone meeting then after a couple more appts, then we were doing a lot of things to get everything ready for the baptism.

Friday we had a couple appts in the morning, then in the afternoon, my comp decided to sleep the entire afternoon, after a long talk we finally left and did something. We visited a family he has little baby rabbits so that was cool! Saturday was our baptism and that was good,  oyr convert is the greatest he is so awesome!! And a miracle happened, we actually started on time!! haha

Sunday normal fast sunday, except we had to teach the entire ward for the third hour of church, it was cool we did an activity where they practiced inviting friends to church, after that just normal things visiting people, we did a family night with this member, and this guy, Hermano Martin, right before we start, just leaves, then comes back with 7 random people!!! haha it was so funny!! After we realized he had gone to the soccer field and invited the kids playing soccer there, It was pretty funny!!!

Well just wanna wish my dad a happy happy birthday!!! Hope you have a great day dad!!! 

The rest of you are kinda cool I guess!! Haha love you all hope you have a great week!! Cant believe its already august!!!!

ELder Ludlow

The first two pictures are of the baptism, the last one is just to make the girls jealous ;) 

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