Monday, August 17, 2015

He´s Mine!!!!!

Well, this week was a pretty cool week... So here goes.

Monday we spent the whole day saying bye to people for my companion, it felt like a normal day of proselyting, which is kinda a bummer.

Tuesday I sent my comp off and stayed the day with Elder Day, the zone leader, we did a service for these less active members who can barely walk now.. We had to go clean up this room. Let's just say it was gross. We found big old fish bones.... It was really gross, we were there for two hours cleaning up the room, the worst thing is the sister is a hoarder!! She wouldn't let us throw anything out!! After that we had to go pick up elders for changes and take them to their corresponding rooms, after I went with Elder Martin, my friend from the MTC, back to our room and we just stayed there for the night cause we had to go to the office Wednesday morning to receive our children.

So Wednesday I was in the emergency room all day, or trainings with president on how to be a dad, (sorry if I scared you mom), then the new missionaries came in. There were 12 of them, 6 sisters and 6 elders, of the 6 elders 1 of them was a gringo, so my odds weren't very good. So they come in, we have a little more training, and after that what happens is the president calls the new missionary, says the sector he will be in, then the comp. So Elder Barry, the gringo, stands up and President calls him to... Los Alamos Cusco!!!! My kid is the gringo!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! haha it's awesome he is cool and is from San Diego, and he actually met Jake in the MTS!! So that's cool!

Thursday, we had a lot of failed appts. and walked and contacted a lot.

Friday just about the same thing a couple of appts., but mainly just walking and contacting most of the day.

Saturday we had ward council, a solid 2 members were there with the 4 missionaries, it was very affective.... then we had a cool lesson with a less active/recent convert guy. We went with the first counselor in the bishopric, had a normal lesson then right at the end, he took my comps scriptures, and started just flipping through the book of mormon, then told the recent convert, Edu, to just put his finger in a random page to stop him, so he did and he found just the coolest scripture on faith!! Then the first counselor did the same thing but stopped it himself and found another cool scripture on repentance!! The recent convert was pretty surprised but it was super cool, then we had a dance activity in the stake that we went too. After that at about 10:00 at night the bishop called us asking us to give talks!! I just started laughing cause Elder Barry had to give a talk his first Sunday here!! hahahah

Sunday, we gave our talks, Elder Barry did great, who knows how I did, then we taught this super cool family, had a couple more lessons and then had a family night with our ward  mission leader. We had a ton of people come which was super cool and we watched the Tyler Haws mormon message. Then Elder Barry and I taught a little lesson off of that. The sister missionaries in our ward brought an investigator, and she said after seeing that video she wanted to serve a mission. #guidedbythespirit! 

Haha, well there's the week oh ya and we were kicking the soccer ball around trying to just juggle it together and we had a pretty good run going and then Elder Barry kicked it off the wall and then tried to save it and kicked it super hard against the other wall, but as he kicked it the second time, he slipped and ate it!! oh man I love my SON!!! Love you all!!! Here's a pic of my kid with one of my good mission buddies and his kid, who are going down to Chanu Chanu ( my old sector, where I started the miss).

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