Monday, August 24, 2015

Get SWOLL!!!!

Well this was another solid week... So here is the rundown!!!

Tuesday... We had interviews with President, and then some trainings!! Everything was good, it was fun and then we had all of our appts. fail us, so we just walked around and contacted people!! But is was cool cause Hermana Harbertson showed me how she marked her scriptures, and it gave me a great idea, which has been something I've been looking to do to have study time be more effective.

Wednesday... We helped the second counselor of the bishopric move. So we were doing that like all morning.  We had to take stuff up to the 4th floor of a building, let's just say Peruvian staircases aren't very big, its definitely interesting taking the big things up. Then we had Lasagna for lunch :) After we received a reference from a guy who moved here from Arequipa, and well he is super awesome!! He was talking to the missionaries there and then contacted some missionaries in Cusco because he wanted them to come!! So we had a short lesson with him, then went to a family night with him as well! He is awesome!

Thursday... we had a couple of appts. and a less active member invited us over to lunch. That was good, then just kinda a normal day.. haha.

Friday. . . I hit 10 months and we didn't have one appt. the entire day, we walked a whole lot that day.. Kinda lame!

Saturday . . .we got up at 5:45 cause we had ward council at 6:00. People here in Peru don't know what sleep is... Then we had a ton of appts in the morning and afternoon so we were just jammed pack really the entire day Saturday was much better than Friday!!!

Sunday. . . During church a recent convert brought up a pic of Jonny Bravo on his iphone and showed me it and said that it was me! haha it was pretty funny!!! Well right after church we went with the relief society president into the mountains of Cusco to go visit people. It was actually pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure we hiked up to the last house on the mountain, but it was cool because the view was amazing!!! After lunch we had a couple more appts, then we had a family night with the sister missionaries. Well, let's say they are evil!! haha nah but they did this activity with the atonement, where they give out candy, but for every piece of candy there is a price that must be paid. And only one person is allowed to pay that price. I was the chosen person and for every candy she handed out I had to do 10 pushups. Whether they rejected it or accepted it I was doing pushups! Elder Barry and I think I did around 250 that night.. I was dying!!! hahaha but now I'm swoll so hey ladies I'm looking pretty good right now!! ;)

Haha, well that's really about all that's happened, I still suck at soccer in case you were wondering!! Love you all and hope you have a great week!!! :)

ELder Ludlow!

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