Monday, July 27, 2015

Poop. . .

Well all I gotta say is that this week was pretty crappy. Here's a quick rundown. . .

Monday, we were going to go play soccer, but my comp was having all sorts of problems so instead I stayed in the room all day just trying to calm him down.

Tuesday was my comps birthday, but he told everyone that he doesn't like to celebrate it and that he doesn't like to be the center of attention, also the power went out in our house, so i wrote my journal in candle light, that was the highlight of my week. Tuesday my comp was just really mad all day and ya it wasn't a great day although we did have a couple of appts.

Wednesday so this week that is happening we have a multi zone conference, well on wednesday we had to plan that conference, that took hours so we didn't have much time to go visit people.

Thursday, the area president, elder uceda, came and we had a devotional with him since 1 to 9 at night, my comp was still having problems, luckily he finally talked with president a little. The devotional was from 1 to 7 for just missionaries then 7 to 9 with others, i did get to see a lot of my friends so that was cool.

friday my comp went to the doctors office, then we were supposed to plan well he went and just hopped in his bed and sat there, i tried to get him to come but then slept so we were in there the entire afternoon cause he was just sleeping, I wasn't happy with him.

Saturday we had a ward activity, and we were getting pretty much everything ready the entire day for the activity, people showed up like an hour late as usual and well then after my comp had to go to therapy. The good thing though is Gustavo, our inv, had his baptismal interview. Elder Day, our zl, did the interview and after told me that he was one of the most prepared inv he has ever interviewed #baptisms4dayz

Sunday was normal and well our ward mission leader did a little surprise party for my comps bday so that was good.

My comp is getting kinda crazy but thank goodness he is going to therapy. Well there's my week for ya. Hope yours was better than mine!! Love you all!! Heres some pics

Oh and my scrip of the week is Jer. 48:40. Think of a movie as you read it! :)

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