Monday, August 10, 2015

POR FIN!!!!!

Well I'm gonna be a Dad!!!! My comp had a change, kind of a huge relief, and I will be training a new missionary, I'm kinda scared but excited as well!!! So next week you guys will get to see him!

OK well another rundown of not such a great week,

Monday we played soccer and I had a goalazo!!!! So what happened is someone kicked it up in the air, then a sister headed it up to me and I headed it in, It was so tight!! You can pretty much say I'm a professional.

Tuesday, we were pretty much in the house all day, just to pour salt on the wound my comp hurt his back playing soccer, so that was another reason we couldnt leave, we ended up going out at 6:00 and visited one guy and then came back home,

Wednesday we went to the house of our recent convert, Gustavo, the one who was baptized last week, he told us he wants to go on the mission!! GREATEST FEELING EVER!!! That was seriously pure joy that only comes from God hearing those words come out of his mouth, then we had a couple more lessons, but my comp was still mad at me, just like almost the rest of the week,

Thursday I did divisions with Elder Day, I went to his sector and it was great, we worked and well I knocked doors for the first time in my mission!! Its just not something that we do here a lot, but it was a great day! We also received a referral there of a golden investigator, but it was for another sector so sad...

Friday was good, our other ZL who was with my comp helped my comp calm down and so he was pretty happy on Friday and we had a good day, until at night when we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and then idk what happened but my comp was mad again.

Saturday we went to an appt at 10 in the morning, then some members invited us to lunch, then went back to the house and we were there all day again. 

Sunday still super mad at me we went to church, he finally calmed down and we were good. We were gonna go eat lunch with another member in her house, but she misunderstood us, so she took us out to eat, probably not the greatest thing but oh well, then we come home and I start counting up our numbers for the week and well, he got mad again, who knows why, and was mad at me all night.

So you could say I'm pretty happy to have a new comp, I've given a fair amount of massages this week as well, and it's kinda weird, but oh well!! haha Hope you guys have a great week and to all those who are going back to school soon, sucks to suck!!! PERU IS THE COOLEST!! I love you all!! Write me and well have a good life!! 

Elder Ludlow

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