Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Week Down . . .

Well yet another week down and well, it was a pretty cool week i guess! 

Monday we played soccer and kids listen to your mom when she tells you to put on sunscreen.  We also went and bought ties, so we can be swaggin #PreachinWithStyle

Well Tuesday was a super cool day. We didn't have that many lessons but we had a super cool lesson with a family who was inactive, but they are active again. So we shared with them Ether 6:6 and 7.  It talks about boats and being tight like unto a dish, it was just a powerful lesson. The entire family was making good remarks and then we spoke and we were just guided by the spirit!! After the wife, Hermana Blanca, said to us. "Elders I finally understand. I've read this chapter many times and never understood why it was in here. Now you guys just helped me understand and just completely opened by mind." Then we just testified how every scripture in the B of M is applicable to our life. If you don't believe try! After the lesson we just felt sooo good. I love the mission so much for experiences like that!!!  #BofMPower

Wednesday was kinda crappy we only had one appt and just walked around a whole lot...

Thursday also kinda crappy, but we did have a lesson with our Inv. Ulises, he has been reading the B of M and he told us that he had received his answer that he knows the book of Mormon is true, what did I tell ya #BofMPower

Well Friday we had appointments set for every hour after lunch, unfortunately many failed, but we still had quite a few lessons, we went to a fhe to a members house with our Inv Ulises, and he was making comments,  wow he is just awesome!!!

Saturday another day, we had to go clean the chapel with our ward mission leader, there was four of us to clean the entire chapel, we even cleaned it according to my mom's standards. We were there a couple hours cause people here don't know how to clean. Then we had a meeting for stake conference, this area seventy came and totally burned the crap out of the leaders lol.

Sunday we had stake conference and well that was solid.  We were in the hills visiting people, then we had another family night, our inv. Ulises came with his violin, he plays in the orchestra, and as we sang the hymns he played it was so cool!! 

Well that's my rundown of the week!!! I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything, and don't forget..... Panays will one day rule the world! haha


Elder Ludlow

Apparently Zach likes ties.

I guess the words "Zach don't forget to wear sunblock" are foreign to him. Ouch!

Serving in Cusco

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