Monday, September 7, 2015

Wait, It's September?

Well I can't believe that we are already in September, I didn't even get my summer break!!! Haha, well just another solid week that we had.

Monday we went and got pizza for lunch. But not peruvian pizza, Papa John's pizza.. It was soooooo goood!!! Our ward mission leader is going to take us out there on Thursday as well!! yay :)

Tuesday. Tuesday I was with Elder Arias doing divisions. I missed my son so much, but it was a solid day. We helped this guy start to move from the fourth floor of one building to the fourth of another. It was a pain. Plus the staircases here are super small and you have to maneuver things in the craziest ways so they fit.

Wednesday was just a normal day. We went and helped that guy finish moving. Which sucked cause all that was left were the big heavy things lol. Had a couple lessons, but we had a kinda cool experience. There was this drunk walking towards us, usually they almost always try to stop us, so usually you just kinda ignore them or walk as far away say hi and go, but we didn't do that and we just felt we should talk to him. So we did. The guy supposedly (we aren't sure if this is true cause he was drunk), is a returned missionary. So we made an appt with him. I just have the biggest desire to help this man and hopefully we can.

Thursday I think I gained 10 pounds. A member invited us to eat fuegos. It's a restaurant that has this super big burger, but we weren't able to go because it's out of our sector, but she brought it back to her work and we were able to eat it there. There is a photo attached. It was so delicious, the picture doesn't do it justice for how big it was, then also there was a huge bag of fries. So we ate that and we were so full, then we go to a lesson with investigators and they give us pollipapa. Which is a piece of fried chicken, which french fries, noodles and fried rice. We saw it and started crying, but had to eat it cause we can't turn down food. 

Friday put a baptismal date with our investigator for the 19th of this month. He was super happy and it was a great lesson!!

Saturday we had ward council in the morning and Elder Barry forgot to wear a tie!!! haha we were dying!! Then in the afternooon I had to give my first baptismal interview. It was a little scary at first, but it was super cool and a really awesome spiritual experience. The person I interviewed is really prepared and really ready for her baptism, she even chose me to baptize her!! #blessed

Sunday was solid, just the normal day. The girl I interviewed actually got up and bore her testimony so that was awesome!! Then we were up in the hills again visiting people.

All in all it was a solid week!!! I love this work! Love being out here, and especially love the area I am in!! The ward is great and i just love it!! I never wanna leave this sector it's so great!! haha I love you all the church is true!!! I promise!! :) Have a great week all of you!!
pic 1 the burger,
pic 2 USA USA
pic 3 papa johns pizza

Oh and by the way the states beat Peru in soccer!! Everyone was talking to us about it!! haha

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