Monday, June 29, 2015

Guns N Baptisms

Hey first I just want to tell everyone that I have the greatest parents in the world!!! Mom the cookies were so awesome!! haha

So Monday We played some ball, and I was with Elder Day and we were pretty much Stockton and Malone, it was pretty great if I do say so myself, but also on Monday we had a devotional with Pres Uchtdorf, He was here in Cusco! The crappy thing is he was in the other stake center, so we only could see him through broadcasting, but it was awesome! He talked about a lot of great things! He talked about how we need to stand up for the church how we can't be shy! He also said something awesome, he said this is a land of many temples, why not have one more, and have it be a temple of our God! That got me pumped, I know one day Cusco will have a temple!

Well another week down this week, and well it went by pretty fast, I don't really remember what happened.. Haha but this Tuesday I did work visits, with the ZL, with Elder Day. He is an awesome guy and well it was a great break from a drama filled companio. On Wednesday we went to this huge fair, cause we had a stand there about family history, and just stood out there in the sun for like 5 hours and just contacted the crap out of people, it was actually pretty cool and in all the work all the missionaries did over the week with this fair, we have over 1000 references, hopefully some are in our area!

Then this Thursday we finally found some new people to work with and had a super cool lesson with a new family! So that was super great!! They seem awesome and well we had to cancel the following appointment we had with them because my comp is filled with drama. Saturday we had a baptism, well as you remember with the last baptism we had a small problem with the font, but we made sure the font was all nice and ready in the morning, the went after lunch to go and fill it up, and well the keys weren't there. We eventually got the key and the baptism went great.  

Then we were also at a members house and he pulled out a gun, and so we took some pictures, and was telling me how to pose, so ya that's what you will see in the pictures! haha love y'all!!

Well I love all you guys and thanks for all your support!! To all those back at home, have a great fourth of July!! Send me lots of pictures, and eat something barbecued for me!! 

You guys are all great, the church is true, and well if you don't believe me, ask God! :)

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