Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day!!

Well happy Fathers day to all!!! Hope you guys had a great day!! I was super jealous yesterday we were in the chapel and one of the mission couples office is there, so we were talking to them and then they just got a skype phone call and were able to talk to there family for Fathers day. I feel jipped! hahaha But I love you dad and Thanks for everything!!

Well this week was really a slow week, not very many things happened work wise, We had  marriage of an investigator that we went to and well it was a weird thing cause 66 other couples got married at the same time, really weird right?? But thats good our inv is gonna get baptized next week! Im super exxcited about that!! Well also at this wedding there was, well, I'm just gonna be up front, I think a sheman, below is attached a photo and I just want you guys to look and find it! It's so funny!! I was laughing so hard!!! haha

Ya well really just some funny random things happened this week. There's this member who has two daughters, well we do family nights there every week so we can bring inv. so they can have friends and will his daughters absolutely love me, I guess thats just what happens when such an attractive greengo comes to their country right?? haha but they are awesome and adorable so thats always fun to see them! 

Also we were driving home in a bus this week and i was looking out the window and in some places the NBA finals game was playing, oh you have now idea how badly I wanted to get off and watch them haha! But oh well, also another day on a bus the guy next to me was just passed out, and we came to a sudden stop and he just had no control and just smacked his head on the seat in front of him, oh I wanted to laugh so hard but I also felt bad but oh it was pretty darn funny!! haha Another experience, who would think it was on a bus, the buses are just very interesting here, anyways this older guy got on so I offered him my seat, 99 times out of 100 the people are very grateful and take the seat and the other one time is when the guy is drunk. Well the guy was drunk. He just got mad and just yelled at me and said "SIT DOWN" I said no take it and just was like SIT!! so I did then he came and hovered over me well then he started talking to me, he was nicer and then asked me so what are you doing in Peru, told him I was a missionary and asked me what I thought about Mary, Jesus´mom. Well I told him she's jesus mom and he said you're right, and you know, the mother comes before the son. I just didn't really say anything and luckily we were getting off.

Then well on Saturday we had the Trujillo temple celebration that we got to go to. Midway through this guy turns around and starts speaking to me in english, the guy was from New York, didn't realize until he told me but had a total New Yorker accent, he was talking to me about all this interesting stuff, well actually he was born in Peru raised in New York and came back and is living for a little here. I asked him if he was going to move back to the US and well the unexpected happened. He says I ain't touching the states until Obama is out of office. Who would think even in Peru I would run into an Anti-Obama?? haha it was funny! Then on Sunday we had the temple dedication and well we went to all three sessions so that was good and fun!! 

So ya thats about all that happened this week, ive definately had more spiritual weeks haha but I love you all and hope you have a great week!! enjoy summer :)

Love Elder Ludlow

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