Monday, June 8, 2015

Chiriuchu . . .

Well this week was a pretty eventful week to say the least. 

So this week is some sort of holiday for the catholics, about 99% of the population here, so it's just a huge thing they have all these saints walking around the city and things like that, well they also have a famous dish called chiriuchu. Well what its a plate with all sorts of different stuff but its a cold plate. Chiriuchu is like cold in quechua or something like that, and well cuí is a part of the dish. So i can say I've eaten guinea pig, if that's how you spell it... But it wasn't bad the first part I had wasn't very fresh so the skin is super hard to eat like rubbery you could say, then our pensions like no you need to fry it fresh, went killed one and cooked it up, ok didn't kill it but cooked it up and it was nice and crunchy and really it wasn't that bad. So ya that was pretty awesome!

Then we had another pretty awesome day, we went to a house, thinking this guy was a less active. He received us super well, he's a super kind man, and then we asked if he was a member and he said no. But in the first lesson he was just like i feel good when you guys talk. So we put him in white and baptized him! Ok, not actually but he is awesome and it looks as though he will be baptized, then later that day we got a reference from another member of four more people who all seem pretty interested it was pretty great.

Then Saturday we had a baptism, and well let's just say it was a pain!! So we went to the church 2 hours early, cause you have to fill the font and then warm up the water. Well we first had to clean out the font because it was gross, then after about 30 min of doing that, ya 30 min, we went and started filling it up.  We were just cleaning up the room and setting up the chairs and I had the feeling to check the font, well the drain was opened and we had no idea how to close it. So we called the ward secretary and he came and showed us, let's just say it's the worst design ever. It's in like a sewer and you have to use this rebarb thing that they have made to turn this lever to close the drain. Well we were trying for an hour and nothing then my comp lifted up some red thing, which was the lever we were supposed to turn, he couldn't turn it so I tried, I couldn't then we tried pushing it back down and then turning it and it broke off the lever. So the drain was opened and we had no way to close it. We had to call the zone leaders and go to their church to do all this! It was such a pain, and they had to use super cold water! I WOULD send pictures but I can't upload pictures here.

Well there's my week. Hope ya'll have a great summer! Love you all!!

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