Monday, June 1, 2015

So just a pretty normal week . . .


Well it really was just a normal week. We just did the normal contacting, teaching and all that! There's not really much to say! But I do like the new area, and time is going by so fast! But I guess something kinda funny is that we are teaching this less active lady, she is pretty old, and has pretty bad health so she can't go to church or anything so she's pretty lonely. And wow she is kinda crazy. every lesson we have with her I swear she just gets crazier! It's kinda scary! In one of the lessons she just went off on how we need to learn quechua or else we are gonna get a change to an area where all the speak is quechua and we wont be able to understand or teach or eat cause we cant communicate. She's kinda a nut job cause there's no sector, or area, in the mission that is like that! haha, anyways.

This week we just did a lot of street contacting cause our president wants us to have a lot of new investigators and all that, so we contacted a lot of people. Which not a lot of people like, but I don't mind. I realized this week that everything you do on the mission will help you with things back at home. So with street contacting, i realized that when i get home, i will just be able to go pick up chicks cause i've been talking to random people for two years! So hey all your future missionaries street contacting is great!!  Haha

Well usually people attach some sort of scripture or something but i thought  I would put my weekly analogy. I realized this week, as I was spreading cold butter on some bread, that the mission is exactly that. The mission is like spreading cold butter on bread, it's hard and a real pain in the bum sometimes, but once you finish it's so great. So maybe working with some investigators is really hard, maybe the bread is crumbling to pieces, but when this investigator gets baptized, that bread tastes so good! 

Now ya'll know what goes on in my mind° Haha love you all and hope you have a great week!

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