Monday, July 6, 2015


Well I just thought I would let you know this week was pretty awesome! On Wednesday we had a mission wide district leader training, which was awesome cause I got to see Elder Card!!! I was so happy and we just talked and it looks like after being separated things have just gone downhill for the both of us companion wise, if you guys understand!! haah but in this training the coolest thing happened we got Technology!! Yes all District Leaders now have cell phones!! So hey Brandon you may have an ipad but I've got a cell phone now I'm catching up to ya!! haha but it's pretty great and just makes things so much easier!! 

 Well this week was actually pretty good work wise! We had lots of lessons even with us losing practically a whole day for the district leader training! Plus we got an awesome new investigator! This recent convert, Gustavo, called us and told us his son wanted to talk with us, so we went to his house and had an ok lesson with his dad. Then we went back later in the week with a returned misisonary and his dad wasn't there, and he totally opened up and told us everything and it was just so great!! He came to church on Sunday and was talking to some members and said to them, ya I really liked church, now I just need to be a member! So we expect he will be baptized by the end of this month or beginning of next! But we are still just working on finding lots of news, cause if we stop looking then bad things will happen haha!  

 Well some members invited us over for pizza this week which was great!! Although american pizza is just sooo much better!! haha it was still great!! 

Well I guess we need a good funny story for the week, so we were in a lesson yesterday with a recent convert and she has two kids 4 and 6. Before the lesson started I was playing with the kids cause they told us to wait a second. So I was playing with them and they totally love me. I told the 4 year old that my name was josue, the same name as his older brother, and he totally believes me and always calls me Josue now! Its pretty great! Ok well during the lesson we watched a short video then we were talking about it after, The four year old just looks at me then starts playing with my hair, and says "Wow your hair is so beautiful!!" Then completely amazed says WOOOOOOOOW! Look at his eyebrows!!! Did you die your eyebrows, I told him no that was just there color and he calls his little brother and says look at his eyebrows!!! I was laughing so hard and just trying to focus on the lesson but it was hilarious he was so amazed at the color of my eyebrows!!  

Haha well that's I guess another week! Hope you guys had a great week and that you enjoyed your fourth of July! 1 down 1 to go ;) haha 

Love you guys so much thanks for all your support!! 


Zach and Elder Card, his last companion that he absolutely LOVED!

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