Monday, June 15, 2015

One More Down!

Well this week was really just a normal normal week. We didn't have really the greatest week happen this week. But we have a couple investigators that are progressing, one is getting married this Saturday and a week from that she is getting baptized! So thats tight!! But ya really we've just been looking for more people and really thats about it! This week the streets were pretty empty as well, cause this whole time of the year is a huge festival for Cusco! And so the streets were empty, then yesterday we were walking down the street, and well there is the American Cup going on. It's a soccer tournament and Peru is in it. They played yesterday and it was on every TV and you could just here people yelling and it was so funny!!

Ok so just today i finally ate chuño! Its was just in a soup so I didn't really taste it but it is still just gross and I don't like it!! haha but anyways that was pretty crappy!!

So our ward mission leader is just the funniest guy, in the pictures of the baptism he is the short curly haired pretty white guy, well we were at a family night with him and we were talking about how things happen for a reason in our life, we had just seen a mormon message and ya, so one of the sister missionaries had just shared like a pretty spiritual experience that she had had, then our mission leader says this, I died laughing it was so funny!!!! "Well I had something happen to me, sometime stole my iphone 5, so I went and bought an iphone 6, so really there wasn't even a problem!" Holy cow I was crying laughing so hard!! He is the funniest guy!!!! 

Today we also went to this place called Balcon del Diablo! It was pretty cool, we were just climbing up a river and waterfalls and it was pretty sweet! This dog followed us the entire time and it was pretty awesome how it did it!!! 

Hey but I'm just gonna throw a big shout out to Sam Corbin and Seth!! You guys shoulda seen me here in this internet cafe freaking out but Im so pumped for you guys!!!!!! I love you guys!! GO BANGERZZZ!!!

Have a great week I love you all!!!

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