Monday, August 29, 2016

No bags, No Problem! No toilet.... big problem!!!

So this week was a very interesting week! We spent a lot of time helping two new sisters, who opened up an area here, find a room, a pension, and get all the stuff they need, like chairs, beds, desks, a dresser. We almost have everything, they may or may not have gone like two days without chairs, but the most important part was they definitely had a room right when they got here. We literally got the room rented like 20 minutes before they got here. No big deal. 

Then the other part of the week, we spent teaching lessons as always! It was great, Kevin is doing great and I am so happy for him!! He's gonna be a great convert!! Okay, so also this week we were taking stuff over to the sisters then realized we had to go to a lesson. We didn't have our bags or anything, and seeing as we aren't one of the rich missions, rather a very humble one, we don't have a mini ipad that just fits right into our pocket or we can't just leave our bags in our car, so we went to the lesson without our bags and totally taught a great lesson!! It was awesome! We just had the sister bring  her scriptures and used those! 

And the last part of our week was spent holding in our feces (sorry for the graphic images) because our toilet broke. Seriously, the worst week for me to get sick to my stomach. Our toilet broke and we tried everything to get it fixed and finally Sunday afternoon it was fixed. But from Tuesday to Sunday we went to the church every time we had to go. The problem is the church is far from our sector so we couldn't just go whenever we wanted... so let's just say I understand the phrase "dropping a load" now... Because I really experienced that!! haha, sorry I'm so descriptive!! Love you all hope you have a great week!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

A little bonus:

I emailed Zach some questions that I need him to answer for his application to the University of Utah, here are his responses:

1. What are my unique interests or special talents?
 I worked for about 4 months in a chicken restaurant in Peru and learned how to manage a chicken restaurant and may possibly bring pollo a la brasa to the United States.

2. Why am I interested in attending the University of Utah? 

I want to attend the U cause it's a good school, it has good programs, and even though I am a BYU fan my parents are obligating me.

3. How will I contribute to the diverse campus community? 

Well, I personally don't litter, I can speak to both greengos and Mexicans, and I know how to say a couple phrases in quechua just in case there is a panay on campus. I am extremely attractive and would motivate everyone to look better, thus bringing the number of cute girls higher thus attracting more people to come to the U.


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