Monday, August 22, 2016

The Last Melon . . . .

Okay so maybe it's not the last melon, but today I start my last change in the mission. My new comp is Elder Bravo, he actually went to Hillcrest and I know him, so things will be good :).

This week was good, to give it to you quick, here's the update:

We were saying bye to a lot of people for my comp. 

Kevin is doing well and he is getting fellowshipped in the branch little by little which is going well. #SuperBigFamilyNight

Julio, a referral from a member has a date now for the 24th of September :) His difficulty is coming to church :(, because he has school... #lamesauce! #MemberReferralsareGreat

The Olympics Quillabamba 2016 has taken way and the missionaries took a great part! #Goldornothing

Elder Cortijo said goodbye and that was really sad, the good thing was he sat right next to a cute young girl on his way home. He called me and told me it was his favorite trip #BuscandoLaExaltacion

Well love you all and hope you have a great week!! This was our Olympic attire!
Love, Elder Ludlow

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