Monday, August 1, 2016

Hell's Kitchen

So our pension has a restaurant, right? That's where we eat at night? And well, we pretty much work there now. We are their waiters, their chefs, everything!! haha and things got crazy!! We may or may not have been there til 10 PM working because it was so busy and we couldn't leave!! Like crazy!!!! haha The best part is everyone just gets so confused why there is a greengo attending them! haha it's great!!

Anyway, this week was alright, we really didn't have much. We had 29 set lessons this week, which is great!! But only 7 of them pulled through... So ya, sorry, there isn't much to write this week!!

We had some good contacts, and on Monday we went to a fair so that was fun!! We found our pension there and just spent the day with her! That was fun! 

Another good thing from this week is that Beltran passed his interview and this week he gets baptized!! That makes me so happy!!! We are super happy for that!! 

And other than that, just your normal week!! Dad happy birthday Love you a ton!!!

Ya well here are some pics, of me in my restaurant and also me and my quillabambinas :) Love you all have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

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