Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Crazy Week!!

Okay, so really the week wasn't that crazy until the end of the week!!! 

So really the start of the week was good, just a normal week of working. We taught some good lessons and so yeah everything was great! 

Then Saturday comes around and we spent most of the time in the chapel getting things ready for the baptism of Beltran. Which everything went well the problem was that we didn't know how to close the drain in the chapel. Word of advice to every missionary, learn your first week in a new area how to turn on the water, the water heater, and also how to open and close the drain. That'll change your life!!

Sunday was weird cause the branch did a baptism during church.... We didn't go because we didn't want our vestidos manchados!! haha following that, remember it was fast Sunday, the entire branch started eating cake because they were told that as we take the sacrament we are ending our fast so they were okay to eat cake... #Apostasy!!!

Monday we didn't have Pday.. super sad. But we had to do so much zone stuff it almost kinda felt like one. We had to make videos and send them to the mission... sounds lame but it's really cool cause they are videos for the new missionaries to get to know the mission, so I will pretty much be a legend for a while :). Then we had zone conference and interviews with our Mission president! That was good and he taught us a really cool teaching (explained in the recording) about how we can teach better using the scriptures. It's awesome!

Then today. Today we do have p day and we went to a place called Torontoy. It's a place our pension showed us pictures of and so we wanted to go sooo bad!! Little did we know we were gonna be there like all day!! haha it was a really long hike. And we brought younglins with us, we went with our pension and her family and it was super fun but super long and really tiring. On the way down I ended up carrying their kid for like 3 KM. That doesn't sound that bad, but lets just say he's one of the chubbiest 6-year-olds I know. So it was so much. We are so dead! Nevertheless, it was great and super beautiful!! 

So that was my week I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

This is the cute boy Zach carried on the hike.

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