Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy 24th of July

So happy 24th of July to everyone!! Hope you all had a great time!!!

So this week was decent but we were out of our sector for more than half of the week which was sad... anyway here it goes. . . 

Monday we went sight seeing, that was great! Pisac is beautiful!

Tuesday I met up with my convert Gustavo! He is so great I miss that guy, we went out and had lunch! 

Wednesday we had Concilio and that was good! I really like the new vision that President Herrera has for us.

Thursday we finally came back to paradise. We taught Alvaro and also a new less active family, Juan Carlos and his kids, Mirea and Carlos they are cool!

Friday we walked and walked and walked and walked (get it like the pioneer song??)

Saturday we had a lot of lessons which was great, the best part, Beltran is still super excited for his baptism!!! 

Sunday was the 24th of July and so we celebrated!! So ya that was our Sunday!!

Okay no we actually didn't celebrate but there was also a huge celebration here in Quilabamba so no one was in their house!!

hahaha love you all have a great week!!

Just preping myself for the Olympics :)
My comp's b day
24th of July

Love, Elder Ludlow

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