Monday, June 27, 2016

Zion Prospers, Kinda. . . .

Well, this week was pretty good!

Monday was great! The waterfalls were super awesome!

Tuesday we had a really solid day! We taught Mijail a recent convert, had a solid lesson with him! He's really cool but going through some trials right now. Then we taught Alvaro, the less active. He has lots of questions and interrupts us like every second, haha I am learning lots of patience with him! Then we also taught Jesus Guevara, he's a recent convert and that was good.

Wednesday we taught Betzabe. She is an inv who is dating a less active. She's been listening to the missionaries for a while now, but has never prayed to know if it's true. If she doesn't start progressing we might have to drop her for a little, but she's really cool and we don't want that to happen.

Thursday we had zone meeting in the morning. That was good. After lunch we taught Rodrigo Valle, a less active, and also we found another less active named Gianella, pronounced Yanela, That was all good. Then we also taught Rene y Marcela, and to end the day we had a family night planned to do with Emerson and Angelica in a members house. But Emerson and Angelica failed so we just went and ended teaching this members husband, who isn't a member. Holy cow he likes to talk!!! haha like a lot!!!!

Friday we taught Jymmy (Jimmy) he a less active and he's also a really good guy. Kinda shy but we gained a lot of his trust. We also taught Alvaro again and that was a little better, He interrupted a little less so we were able to teach some more basic stuff. We are literally just going step by step with him.

Saturday we visited Beltran, he has a date for the 16th so that's good.  He is all good and everything is great. Then we also taught Marysol and shared our conversion stories with her.

Sunday we had branch council, which is sometimes just ridiculous, haha but we are gonna get them on track and have a better focus in those meetings so the work gets going a little quicker, but once we get them going Zion will be prospering!! haha 

Thanks for everything! I didn't take any pictures so here are some pictures from last week!! Love you all!! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Zach and Elder Arias, his current companion.

Zach and Elder Mann, his last companion (he was with him for 7 1/2 months). Not sure why Elder Mann is there because he stayed in Puno last transfer.  He must have traveled to the waterfalls on P-day too.

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