Monday, June 20, 2016

Traveling... Happy Fathers DAY!‏

So this week was pretty normal, like so normal I'm not even gonna go day by day.

First to every dad out there I hope you had a great Father's Day!!! Thanks for all of your examples!!! Especially you Richy ;). I love you so much dad thanks for everything!!!

The highlights were really this Wednesday we  traveled all afternoon to Cusco

Thursday we traveled 3 hours to this rope bridge, Q´eswachaca, with President as a part of concilio, he then gave a great teaching. Love the guy! Then 3 hours back.

Friday we traveled with President back to that was a lot better but still was 5 hours. Then we had interviews and that was so great I love President soo much! I'm gonna miss him like crazy!

Saturday and Sunday we had district conference and we were in those meetings most  of the day!!

But this week I just wanna testify to you guys how true the book of Mormon is. I have had way too many experiences with the Book of Mormon to ever deny that it's true. Read it with an open heart and you will receive personal revelation!!

Oh ya and today we went to some waterfalls, seriously this place is incredible!! Here's some pics.
Love, Elder Ludlow

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