Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July . . .

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! God Bless America! 󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦󾓦FireworksFireworks󾓦󾓦󾓦

Well to let you all know I am currently in Cusco right now, we had to travel this morning for a conference with our new mission president. So I don't really have much time! But I will throw in the highlights!

So walking in the street today this little kid ran up to me said "wow I really like your beautiful tie" felt my tie then walked off. The whole blonde hair blue eyes gets everyone here, even the boys ;)

Marilyn, our investigator who wanted to get baptized in November now has a date for the 6th of August!

Marysol totally felt the spirit when we testified to her of eternal families. She will have a date this week. 

We taught Gianella, and her babies dad, about God and really helped them feel the spirit!

We contacted a guy who was going to get baptized in Lima, lost contact with the church when he came to Quillabamba and wants to meet with us! Bad news about him, he's for another sector... Lame sauce!!!

This week, all in all, was great!! I am loving Quillabamba and I love this gospel!! Love you all have a great week and a great day in America!!!
Love, Elder Ludlow

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