Monday, June 13, 2016

Another Week In Paradise . . .

Well I'm still loving it here so that's always a good sign, right??

So Monday was just a normal P-day, we cut our hair, ran a couple of errands and just did some normal stuff.

Tuesday we had a lesson with Marysol, that was alright. We brought this member with us that talks soooo much!! And we already had to have a short lesson, but he just talked and talked and talked, it was like going home teaching with dad ;). But we talked about the Book of Mormon and that was good. Seriously that book is a miracle. I love it so much!!

Wednesday we taught Lizet and that was good. We talked about the Book of Mormon with her as well, really if people would just open that book and read it and pray miracles would happen!!! We also taught this investigator named Juana. She is an older lady, and well, she likes to talk, and I'm not gonna lie, I kinda dozed off while she was telling us her life story... Whoops!!! We also did a service for Marysol.

Thursday we walked the entire afternoon, no appts.

Friday I was on divisions with Elder Martin, that was good. We were in the CCM together so we are pretty good buds, we had a good day and some good lessons.

Saturday we taught Beltran again then we taught Marysol. Now with Marysol she has told us that she hasn't been wanting  to go to church cause she doesn't want to commit yet, but we invited her to church again and she said, "well this week I can't, but I do want to go to church now, so next week for sure." Oh it's so awesome!! The Spirit is incredible how it softens peoples hearts, seriously we gained a lot of confidence this week with her, super excited for what will happen with her this week!

Sunday I finally got to go to church here. That was great! Except like no one came. We only had one less active there, which made me super sad... :( but this week will be better!! We also taught Franco and Marilyn and that was a solid lesson, they should be progressing really fast really soon. Then we had all sorts of meetings and that was it.

So everything is going great here, Life is great!! I love you all, and here's a picture with my comp :) have a great week!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Zach and his new companion Elder Arias

Zach's description of the next two pictures:  

So this was a less active members hand after being bit by a spider. Sorry to scare you mom :)!

Oh I really hope Zach doesn't get bit by a spider!!!

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