Monday, June 6, 2016

They were right . . . .PARADISE!!

Ok so I love this place!!! It's so beautiful!! It's a little hot, but I was coming from the cold. Like I swear Puno is known to be the coldest place in this entire country, ask Jake. Even though it's not even that cold, ya it's cold but, they exaggerate. Anyway, Quillbamba also known as the city of forever summer, its great!!!! A little humid but I'm getting used to it and love it!

So Tuesday I traveled here, and died of heatness but it's so beautiful that I survived. We went around getting to know people and had a couple of lessons. It was good!

Wednesday we taught Diego. He's an investigator. He's like 16 or 17 I think, good kid going through some hard points in life but really wants us to give him council. Which is perfect cause he is going through many similar problems I have experienced. #ThisisGodswork

Thursday we didn't have very many lessons but we did help a lot of people do their family history which was really cool. Really the Spirit of Elias is so strong when we are there! If you haven't done it... do it! #Savinsoulsonbothsides

Friday we taught Marcela. Marcela is Rene's daughter. Rene is a less active, Marcela an investigator. Marcela is hopefully getting baptized the 25th of this month. So that's awesome, but the lesson was kinda weird. They were just really down so we kinda stopped it cheered them up and then went home. Oh, also as we left another lesson (Claudio) his little daughter says to us,"Bye gays" that was probably the funniest thing ever, she's like 2. hahaha

Saturday we taught Beltran. He now has a date for the 16th of July. Crazy that we are already putting dates for July, he's really good, and he wants to get baptized! Seriously this place is the best!!!

Sunday we had a family night with a recent convert family, only the dad was there but it was still good. He's really funny and really likes to talk, like a lot!! Haha, but it was good. Then as we were ending the lesson everyone else got there so we talked with them for a little!! We also found new investigators Emerson and Angelica (I think I said her name wrong in the recording) But they are really cool the problem is they are conviviring or in other words live together without being married, the bigger problem is she's 15 and he's 19..... so she can't even get married for 3 years, so we will see what's gonna happen with them. They were really interested though!! This sunday we didn't have church because of the elections again... So next week will be normal!!

Well thanks for everything!! I love you all so much!! Have a great week!! Here's the view from our house!

Love, Elder Ludlow

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