Monday, February 29, 2016

Potatoes . . . .

Okay so this week was sweet! Lots of it is explained in the recording!

So Tuesday we had an awesome experience. The bishop called us to go give a blessing with him, and we went and the bishop testified of the priesthood and the power of priesthood blessing, and then I thought of all the blessing I have received, and wow the priesthood is real!!

Wednesday, we cut and peeled potatoes... fun!  We taught Euclides, he isn't doing well, he went on vacation for a little and didn't read or pray so we are trying to get him to do that again.

Thursday was a long multi zone conference but it was so awesome!!!! 

Friday we had a zone meeting, not as long, but still really good. We also taught Danny Elvis, our investigator with a date. He is doing well!

Saturday! Well we taught Raymundo the old less-active he's just so adorable! Then we taught a less- active, who actually lives in Huancayo!!! Elder Moss you better activate him ;) haha, but none of his family are members so we are going to teach them this coming week!!

Sunday was awesome! EFY is such an inspired program! It helped so many of the youth be stronger! It was great!! We were able to teach some lessons. Well really this week was okay, but the coming week is going to be great because our agendas are already full!! That's the best!!! Well I love you all so much!! 

Sorry this is short, I just spoke a lot in the recording today!! I hope you all have a great day and week!! Happy Leap Year!!!!Runner

Here is Zach with his entire mission.  He is on the third row back on the right side.  He's holding up one finger and standing next to his old comp that could have been his twin.

It's kind of blury, but he's holding his pension's new puppy that blends in with his sweater!

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