Monday, February 1, 2016

Fasting works! Rioting not so much....‏

Happy Groundhogs Day!!!Hamster face

Haha, well this week was awesome!!! Most of the great stuff is explained in my recording but just a little explanation of the title. We fasted with Euclides, an investigator who has drinking problems, and after he totally changed. He noticed the difference it made as he fasted! What a great experience!! So also this week people were rioting because some guy put up an antenna in house, and well the people didn't like that so they got together and broke his windows, burned his house... things like that! It was great!! We watched some of it! :) haha

Tuesday we had some lessons with Miguel, a less active, who really really could progress!! He just needs to come to church, but honestly we think we are getting there. 

Wednesday we taught Cynthia`s brother Gonzalo. He is super cool and we really need to get him baptized because he is a great guy! He's got great questions and just a real desire to do what is right! 

Thursday we watched the riot, taught English to a less active member and watched Erickson open his mission call!! It was like watching a good friend open his mission call!! I am super excited for him!! He's going to Mexico!! So cool!

Friday we had a family night with Familia Jilapa, they are great people but sometimes it's hard to feel the spirit there. So we really tried to help them, we watched a video and well, it was still kinda rough. They are just so easily distracted and there are always so many distractions at their house. We will keep working with them!

Saturday we found some new investigators, taught them and had a meeting with the stake president it was a good day!

Then Sunday was just normal. We put a date with Aurelio and it was great!!!

Here are some great pics and well, I finally made it to Machu Picchu!!! :) 

Love, Elder Ludlow

Don't even ask . . . .

Zach being his goody self pretending he's at Machu Picchu

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