Monday, February 22, 2016

Elder Holland!

Well this week was awesome! It was so cool.

Tuesday was awesome, we had tons of lessons and tons of new investigators, 8 in one day!! It was a huge miracle!!!

Wednesday we taught Danny Elvis, and he's doing well, he really wants to get baptized but the thing is every weekend he goes to Sicauni, and said his parents won't let him attend church there. So we are seeing how to help him understand the importance of going to church. We also taught a new less active member who was just like ya, I need to go to church, and she took it to heart and came to church with her husband! It was awesome!

Thursday we traveled to Cusco, and ate subway! Delicious!

Friday we had concilio and that was awesome! I love president Harbertson!!

Saturday we had the mission wide conference with Elder Holland! Talk about incredible!! We got to shake his hand, and he said he did that so he could have a mini personal interview with us, and that through just looking into our eyes he could tell if we were okay or not. Talk about having the spirit! He also talked about how much his mission meant to him, and well really he said it was the biggest thing in his life, and for the past 50 years since he's been home, maybe there has been one day where he hasn't thought of his mission... Incredible!! 

Sunday was just normal we taught some lessons, had some people come to church, and well just a normal day!!!

Okay well I love you guys so much! Elder Holland is truly an apostle. Christ lives, I know it! One thing that Elder Holland said is that on his mission he found Christ, I hope I can continue to do that, and help others do that as well!! Thanks for all of your support!!

P.S. I love star wars as you can see in the pictures!! Yes those are lightsabers!! The real question is, will Puno Choose the Right?? haha love you all!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

 Zach asked me to send him lightsabers in his last package. . . .looks like he got them!

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