Monday, March 7, 2016

News, News, News, and a couple more news!!!!

Well this week was probably the best week of my mission!!!! The recording is a little longer this week, but it is very deserving. So here goes.

Tuesday I walked around all day with Elder Denham, but that's okay he's a great guy!!!

Wednesday we taught Danny Elvis, he's doing great! We also had ward council, it was actually awesome. Our bishop is so ready to work and so thats super awesome!!! Super stoked for that!!!

Thursday we taught some new investigators that was awesome, then we had a ward activity we went to. So that was pretty solid!

Friday we taught Danny Elvis again, well that wasn't as good. He totally still wants to get baptized which is awesome! But his parents are totally against thatFearful face. He is 19 so that's good and doesn't even live with them, but he wants to go get on good terms with them. The thing is they live in Sicuani, about 6 hours from here, so he needs to talk with them, but he told us no matter what they say he still is going to get baptized! Relieved face

Saturday was super awesome!! Like you will hear, we taught two new families and that was so awesome!!!!  We also taught Euclides, and we totally helped him feel the spirit so that was super cool!!! And he finally told us why he doesn't come to church, it's because of his family, but we are going to help him and everything will be okay!!

Domingo we walked and walked and walked like crazy to find our "news" and meet our goal of having twenty new investigators in the week!! And we did it!! It was so incredible!! I just described everything in the recording just cause really it is the best!!!! We had a lot of investigators and less actives in sacrament meeting so that was great! And during elders quorum, the relief society president pulls us out and tells us that she needs help putting together a choir, so I was on piano and Elder Mann was leading and well  let's just say we need more practice!! haha

Well this week was incredible!! God loves us!! Christ lives and this church is true!! It's awesome!! Love you all have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Ludlow

Here is the video of a prank they played on their pension

Zach is showing us how this old lady was standing while she prayed. He talks about it in this week's recording. 

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