Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!Heavy black heartBlue heartGreen heartYellow heartPurple heartSmirking face ( I swear I'm not trunky!)

Happy Presidents day!!!󾓦󾓦󾓦

Well another eventful week! We were super busy with zone business all week. And well it was still a solid week! We had to help sisters move and paint their new room and that was a 3 day process! Im so happy its over!!

Ya, so Tuesday we were doing all zone stuff, then helped the owner of the new sister's house move stuff so the sisters could move in. This guy is the human version of Hercules´ trainer on the disney version, the little pig man dude, it was the best!! He is a great guy though!

Wednesday I was with Elder Stringham, he's a new missionary and he's really funny! The lessons were awesome with him, even though his spanish isn't the greatest he totally did an awesome job!! It was a good day!

Thursday we taught Rosa, a less active lady, we talked about repentance and she totally understood and was super pumped about being able to repent! It was a great lesson! We also taught Grover and all his friends. I'm telling you Grover is going straight to the celestial kingdom. Oh ya we were also walking in the street and we found these awesome hats! (They are from the candelaria) And we saw it on the ground and fought to grab it cause we thought it was just one and we both wanted a souvenir from the candelaria. Then we realize that there were two and we were so content!

Friday we had our activity which was great, but super gross at the same time cause I was covered in pig fat... good old Peruvian whipped cream!! haha but it was great!

Saturday we had lessons with Edward and Miguel. They are doing good and they were solid short lessons.

Then Sunday we walked around more than I have in a long time, but we were able to find some new investigators, just the amount we needed to meet our goal, and it was really great!!

The Lord loves us and really blesses us!! I love you and hope you all have a great week!! Miss you like crazy but hey don't worry time flies!! haha The church is true!!! 

Elder Ludlow

Gotta love the hats!

Zach and Elder Mann covered in "Peruvian" whipped cream (or pig fat as Zach called it).

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