Monday, January 25, 2016


Hey yall!!

Well this week was pretty awesome so here goes!

Tuesday we taught english to a less active member, she's really cool, and she's like this hipster mom haha its pretty funny.  Then we were in the church and we taught Omar, our less active member who's about to be rescued. We also taught some of Grover's friends, two of them are in our sector Ceberino and Luis! They are super cool and of the group those two were the most interested! :)

Wednesday we taught Fico and Magli, and they just need to get married!!! They are seriously the greatest, but we felt that there could be something more than just the whole money factor, but we aren't sure so we will see! Then we did divisions and I taught Luis, Grover´s friend, and it was a sick lesson! We taught the Restoration, and the spirit was so strong there, and it's so obvious Satan knows because right when we go to share the first vision, boom phone call.... It was lame, but he still was super sick and he would be getting baptized on the 27th of February, but he's going on vacation for all of his summer vacations... so that's lame!!

Thursday we really just taught all of our lessons the last two hours of the day. That was awesome! We were finally able to find Yovana, she's an inv. who recently got married to a less active, we got to their house at 9 but we couldn't pass up the chance to teach her, so we did and she really likes to talk!! What we planned on to be a 5 minute lesson was a lot longer... haha whoops!

Friday I was on divisions all day so that's about it. We taught some sweet lessons.

Saturday we taught Euclides, and he told us he had some doubts about being able to quit drinking, but we are going to fast with him this week and I know that it is going to work!! It was a pretty cool lesson! We also just taught some other short lessons

Sunday was good, we had some lessons so that was good, then we had a stake activity, which was cool but there lots of member who didn't even know about it, like at least 12. haha it turned out ok but we were just there teaching about missionary work, things people already knew about... oh well there were some investigators there so that was good!

OK well this week was awesome, we were with Grover like the entire week  Grover is just like the 3rd missionary in our ward... haha he's great!! I love you all and miss you!!!

here are some pics 

1. This is a giant blanket, framed and put on the wall in a less active members house, I couldn't not take a selfie

2. Me wondering if I will ever leave Puno... :) JK PUNO IS THE BEST

Love, Elder Ludlow

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