Monday, October 5, 2015

Pizza and Conference

Well this week was alright.. kinda a bad week number wise, but I felt the spirit like crazy, here's the rundown.

Tuesday we had a service, picture attached below.  We have been helping this lady for like three weeks now, and well finally we finished this service. She had a shop of glass and aluminum, like for windows and things like that, and well we had to transfer that like a block to her house, without a car. Tuesday we had to move all of the glass, we went there crying cause it sounded like it was gonna be rough but luckily her dad had a truck and helped us so it wasn't to bad. Then Tuesday in the afternoon we had an appt. fail us and we were gonna go to our back up plan, but we both had the feeling to go to this guy's house named German. Well German is a guy who contacted us in the street and told us he's a member, he was wasted of his mind, well we followed the spirit and we finally after weeks of looking found the guy in his house!! it was truly a miracle! #listentothespirit! Then our pension took us out to pizza!!

Wednesday we had a couple of appts then another service.  We go and we weer going to help the guy move so he went to go pick up the moving truck, and he was gone forever, he finally calls us and tells us that something happened and that we were gonna do it tomorrow, so that kinda stunk.

Thursday we helped him move. He's this less active guy who is super duper awesome! He is an RM and well we are going to help him come back!! He is a great guy. We also had a couple of lessons on Thursday and just a normal day. 

Friday was alright, we didn't have really any lessons, everyone just failed us, but the good thing was a member that we went and visited invited us to more pizza!!!

Saturday was awesome! Conference was incredible!! We got to watch it in English but had to go to the stake center #lotsofmoney but it was incredible. The spirit was so strong and it was awesome!!! Then we were gonna go get pizza with Henry during a session, the guy we helped move, but he cancelled so after priesthood session instead of getting ice cream we got pizza!! haha

Sunday was awesome as well! The conference was incredible! The cool thing was there was like 20 white people that came and watched conference, all from good ole Utah! Then after the sessions of conference we had a family night with our ward mission leader and well his wife rents out all sorts of costumes, so we had a little fashion show!!

Well I love you all!! If you didn't have the chance to listen to conference I invite you to do it. Go to and listen, your life will be changed. I loved the talk by Elder Lawrence who said something along the lines of, talking about how the spirit helps us become better "The spirit won't tell us all the things we need to change at once, but will tell us a small things we can change that will help us become better, then after we follow that he will keep telling us more. We can't become perfect in this life, but we can set the foundation for it in this life." That's not the exact quote but it was something like that! Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Ludlow

Doesn't Zach make a fine Donald Duck?!

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