Monday, September 28, 2015

Contacting Beasts!

Well this week we contacted like crazy!! We had a monthly goal, and let’s just say we hadn’t even gotten to the halfway part... so every moment we had we were contacting. I have very mixed feelings about that though. When things go well and people accept you its great. When they deny you.... it sucks!! haha but all in all we met our goal so we are champs!!!!

Monday was good, we didn’t do much. Just a normal p-day.  I went and bought stuff so I could send a package home to the family! 

Tuesday we were back to more service, I think our mission got changed to Tennessee with all the service we have been doing, I feel like Elder Edman!! Love you dude! :) Then we just had appts. fail us, the usual!  Then for dinner we made cookies :) #AmILikeMyMom?

Wednesday we did some contacting, visited some recent converts, and helped some with their family history! #elEspiritudeElias

Thursday we had some more lessons with recent converts and did some planning for the week and some more contacting!!! 

Friday we had a little more success!! I had a meeting with the zone leaders, #wickedness ;) haha! Nah, just with the district leaders to get burned, I mean talk about some things.  Following that we ran to eat lunch cause we had a lesson at 2:00 and the meeting ended like 1:30.  During lunch we get a call from a member who has a reference but can only go at 2:30, so we ate lunch super fast, ran to our appt at 2:00 with crazy Juanita, then went and got the reference at 2:30! Luckily everything was pretty close!! The reference is really nice and hopefully she progresses, but I just didn’t get as good of a feeling. Then a family invited us over for dinner, which was good. Funny story actually. For all the girls please just skip this part . . . .anyway, we were eating dinner, and my stomach was just unsettled, plus we were eating just the driest potatoes, they were good but dry, and I had nothing to drink. Anyway, I had been letting out some gas here and there and it was pretty silent so I felt more coming and was just like ooooh this HAS TO COME OUT!!!! So thinking it would be silent, I just casually let it fly and it wasn’t silent. It was so loud, we were all just dying. The mom thought it was one of the daughters, but when they saw how bad I was laughing they knew. The worst part was I had dry potato in my mouth and couldn’t get it down; I was trying not to throw it up from laughing to hard... But ya, there’s my story of the week #Peru=Gas

Saturday was good! We had a meeting with the ward and Stake Presidency on how to hasten the work, there was about 20 members there so who knows how affective it will be... haha but it was good, then we contacted like crazy!!! We had pretty good success contacting!

Sunday just a normal Sunday, we all gave our testimonies.  It was testimony meeting and our ward mission leader, the hobbit, called us out to go bear ours, so I started and everyone else followed! #followtheleader.  Ten we had some appts with some people and then the family night with our ward mission leader. 

All in all things are going well!! Life is good the gospel is true!! I had a pretty awesome moment this week when in the family night with our ward mission leader Gustavo, my convert made the comment how if just everyone had the gospel they would realize they aren’t an ugly duckling, and that they are a beautiful swan, the ugly duckling and swan were apart of the lesson, he’s not a poet... but I was just so happy because he is the perfect example of that. He was so depressed and sad when we met him and now he is so happy!! The church is true, the gospel blesses lives!!!

Zach and the peanut butter Oreo cookies he and his companion made.

He is a total goofball!

Love Elder Ludlow

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